“Many of these pre-installed apps have access to very intrusive permissions out of the box.”

Android phones are nothing more than a privacy violation


Wed, Mar 27th, 2019 08:50 by capnasty NEWS

ZDNet bring to attention this study in which researcher determined that the vast majority of Android bloatware (apps that are pre-installed and cannot be uninstalled) suck up a ridiculous amount of private data for the benefit of Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

All in all, researchers said that nearly all apps that were capable of accessing and collecting user data were actively using this access to send data to third-party servers.

"We also observed instances of hardware and network fingerprinting capabilities, often collected under the term 'device capability,' and also analytics services that track the installation and removal of apps (notably news apps,such as those made by CNBC, The Daily Beast, Bloomberg, TechCrunch, and The Economist, among others)," researchers said. "More intrusive behaviors include apps able to collect and send email and phone call metadata."



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