Children Are Learning that Siri, Not Their Parents, Is Most Readily Available to Answer Their Questions


Thu, Aug 21st, 2014 12:00 by Le Brunette Smurfette NEWS

Jane Scott of The Washington Post notes on a growing trend by parents who prioritise time using their smartphone rather than interact with their children. In response, children as early as 2 have learnt that when they have a question, "Siri, and not Dad, is most readily available with an answer."

Consider the results of a March study by researchers from Boston Medical Center who carefully observed caregivers and children at fast-food restaurants. Out of 55 caregivers, 40 used their mobile devices, and their absorption was such that their "primary engagement was with the device, rather than the child." In many cases, the caregivers expressed irritation when the children tried to get their attention. One observer watched a woman push a small boy away as he took her face in his hands in an attempt to get her to look up from her tablet.



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