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the Guy that write this shit

Re: Crack Manual
zoooo said on April 13, 2014 at 15:28 (EDT) (6527)

Your fucking insain it's not fun to smoke crack


Steve Jobs article

Re: "Steve knowing your name was an honor. But also occasionally a terrifying responsibility. That was the bargain."
neil said on April 13, 2014 at 11:42 (EDT) (6526)

Great little read about Jobs's more human side that we rarely hear about. Thanks CoN for the link!



Re: Hacked Prius Uses Power from Trolleybus Overhead Wires
Christian said on April 11, 2014 at 16:01 (EDT) (6525)

"Published on April 1, 2014"


He hate Animes,Really ?

Re: Anime Sucks!
Otaku said on April 8, 2014 at 18:45 (EDT) (6524)

HA! he says he hates animes but he rellay knows much shit about it , YO! Get A Life,MAN!


y men don't cal

Re: Why Guys Don't Call...
radha said on April 6, 2014 at 03:04 (EDT) (6521)

My man doesn't call at all even though its been a week almost:-(
He is just too stubborn and expects only me to ring all the time...


Ex told me i was harassing his family and shoukd leave them alone

Re: Calculated Risks
sam said on March 26, 2014 at 11:43 (EDT) (6516)

Hi my ex says that my one every now and again chat to a member of his family is harassment but i wasnt honest.
his mums got Cancer and i wanted to be there for his sister

but he has told me leave them alone

i said to him should i just act like he never existed then and he replyied with no you can still talk to me just leave everyone else alone

i then find out he has blocked me on facebook really confused havent seen or spoken to eachother in a fortnight

what is my next step he split with me in jan we had been engaged for over a year
i want him back so much really miss him


prooane tank dispensers

Re: Propane Tank Shaped Dispensers for Mayonaisse, Ketchup and Mustard
Sheldon Steinberg said on February 25, 2014 at 14:56 (EST) (6504)

We are a promotional products company, and I have a customer interested in your propane tank condiment dispensers. Are they for sale? Can they be custom printed?

Sheldon Steinberg


I unfriended him

Re: Why Guys Don't Call...
Amy said on February 24, 2014 at 12:04 (EST) (6503)

this is Ay again, he was calling me once a week,and I was trying to be very patient.
in the ean time,every time I log on to facebook account I see him, adding new women friends, chatting with them,having fun around,and don`t bother even sending me an email..
I couldn't take and I unfriended him!
it happened 3 weeks ago, I still regret it, and Iam waiting for him to contact ma again..
is he coming back? is there a chance, after what I did, and 3 weeks time, that he will come back to me again? or I just should move on and forget?



Re: Writing Your Name in the Sand So That It's Visible From Space
mohamed said on February 21, 2014 at 18:30 (EST) (6500)




Re: RipTide's "In the Middle of the Night"
Dave said on February 13, 2014 at 22:50 (EST) (6497)



Why Guys don't call

Re: Why Guys Don't Call...
Lisa said on February 8, 2014 at 23:10 (EST) (6495)

This is for the next person whom happens to want to post on website, picture this in your mind. Your only one person sweetheart,it only takes one special man in the whole entire world to truly make you completely happy. The other 99% men are Frogs. If he doesn't call, so what! Calm down. Every one you will meet on a lifetime, your not suppose to be with sweetie. That's just reality. Yes... he spoke amazing things and you agreed or went even farer, but words means nothing without loyalty and that takes time to achieve. "Secret"....that's how you know he's the one. He would never leave you, no matter how crazy it will get sometimes. You understand each other feeling. Now that's true Love, fully accepting neither one will ever be perfect. He's coming Sweetie, some of you would really be surprise, if you allow "Life" to take it's course. Give him his space, that God's way of showing "us" if we have "frog" or a "Prince", for our own protection, I'll say. Think about it?, who's willing to be unhappy for years. What frog is worth that? He's a man, allow him to be one.


Not true to me

Re: Why Guys Don't Call...
Sunny said on February 5, 2014 at 18:36 (EST) (6491)

I'm a guy, and I don't call. It's called respect. If she's interested, she should be the one to call. We don't want to push it to the level where she thinks we're needy.


Duh? Really?!

Re: Crack Manual
Dope Fein said on January 30, 2014 at 07:44 (EST) (6490)

Do you "non-user' judgemental people really think that people who smoke a lil bit, like me, really think someone will quit because some random person wrote on a forum that crack is bad? "Ive been clean for 5, how did you do it? i read joe-blows comment online and he said its bad, so i quit!" You people are more stupid than we are. We KNOW we smoke like broke stoves and steal, lie and cheat...heres what you really wont approve of: WE KNOW, WE JUST DONT GIVA FUCK! And we never asked u to giva damn either. You must want a hit bc your interested enough to research and comment bout it. so bring a yard (that means $100) over to my house, you can use my lighter..but if u start crawling on the floor looking for crumbs, your out..those are MINE!


he is contacting me once a week

Re: Why Guys Don't Call...
Amy said on January 27, 2014 at 09:31 (EST) (6486)

when we started our relationship, he was contacting me very day, in 2 weeks we were in great understanding and caring about each other,
then he disappears for no reason, I didn`t contact him thinking he is gone for good.
after 11 days, he called me asking how Iam doing like nothing happened at all, he was so warm and happy to talk with me, with all our regular thoughts about the future, I was so happy too and I didn`t show any sign that Iam angry because he went away for 11 days without a word, the chat was so warm, and he said I will call you soon to talk more.
he didn`t call me since few days then, I really don`t understand why he is doing this? why he is not calling me every day if he really cares?
and how when he calls after a week of disappearing, he talk with me like we just spoke yesterday with all the warmth and peaceful tone?
what is happening?
what should I do, without looking needy and disparate..


this guy only needs a friend and sex

Re: Why Guys Don't Call...
gloria said on January 26, 2014 at 03:22 (EST) (6485)

I met a man who was being introduced by my friend who is a priest. Now, it's been a year but we only met twice. First was purely kissing, 2nd had sex but I was upset for he never wait me until one day we fight over the phone by making him annoyed of knowing his place and he threatened me after I said all his info based on the net that I just searched. Lately after 6 months that we lost our communication, I missed him and call him again and he was so happy and asking me to have a date with sex but I said, I don't need to see him if only for that since we'd been for a year but he insisted me to see one more time and he'll do more on bed. And I told him that I can't do it since it's against my will but I felt unhappy since I had started to fall in love with him. Now, he said few things that made me to think like : i had found a girl and she's at home so stop calling me then I do but after few days, I annoy him again and he said , i want to meet you for sex but I can't be your bf and I want to test your flower one more time, is this a game? is this just his trick? what is the best thing to do? but why did he kept asking about my kids? why did he wants for a second chance of having sex? he said he got divorced but until now for 6 years, his ''ex-wife is living in the same roof? " Our common friend, '' a priest'' said: he is really divorced since they're fighting but they're still living today . I don't know really since this guy don't want me to see his place. Now, he changed me to stay away from calling during sunday and weekdays, omg I am crazy now. But he keeps asking me to see as soon as I can…and tells me that he might be my boyfriend after few more years but I must be okay to see him once in awhile for sex without a commitment that i am JUST HIS FRIEND? Why is that?



Re: Brains of the Elderly Are Slower Due to Massive Amount of Information Stored
Dave said on January 25, 2014 at 13:25 (EST) (6484)

I smell bullshit.


An amazing business opportunity!

Re: Burrito Box: a Burrito Vending Machine
Dysantic said on January 25, 2014 at 02:25 (EST) (6483)

Think of it! Most products have an accomplice: nachos and salsa, chips and dip, fries and ketchup, etc. So, burrito vending machines and portable toilets. Genius! People pay for the burrito, and then pay again to give it back! Double the cash!


Good Article

Re: Why Guys Don't Call...
Si England said on January 23, 2014 at 11:40 (EST) (6482)

I was bored and after yet another mobile phone call I typed in why does my mobile phone annoy me so much and came across this article! It's pretty accurate.

Most guys are not into endless small talk on the phone. There was research done which found that on average, guys talk about half as much as women. So on this logic, call half as much if you want an equal amount of interaction (I think call 4x less if you want him to regularly call you).

Think about it from his side - have some empathy. It's actually selfish of you to expect the guy to have to automatically answer constant mundane calls. It ruins the guys peace and contentment.

The last thing a guy wants is to be constantly called while he's out with his mates with "where are you? What are you doing"? It's annoying, a bit embarrassing and a complete buzz kill. The problem is you often feel obligated to answer due to the risk of paranoia and accusations! Obligation - not a fun word!

Like the above accurate post says (obviously another frustrated bloke) - guys do not chat over the phone. We like to do that in person and do activities.

So if you're a constant caller, expect most guys to try and keep the conversation as short as possible and sound like they want you off the phone. It's because they do want you off the phone. You're annoying them and ruining their peace! When you're name comes up on the phone rather than thinking "my beloved partner", they're thinking "F**k off! Stop bothering me"! If a guy sounds extra short and irritated on the phone he might be wanking. Never interrupt a guy when he's wanking!

I'm not biased either. I'm gay and all my partners have not been phone nuisances, although the current one seems to exhibit some of the "female traits" described in this post.

Call less - smothering only makes people want to get away more. If you call much less he'll wonder what you're doing and have more respect for you.

Enjoy the time you spend with the guy in person. People used to do this before mobile phones existed!


Why We Don't Call/Text You

Re: Why Guys Don't Call...
Just Another Guy said on January 19, 2014 at 02:21 (EST) (6478)


you want to know the answer? It's simply that we're not into you. Simple as that. We're not that interested in you or your life as you picture it in your head. Just like you compare us to other men in your life/experience, so do we. We compare your conversations and the way you communicate with us to the best/worst conversations we've had with other women and determine that you are either too boring or too plain to enjoy communicating with you.

Maybe you don't make us laugh or you don't make us feel like ourselves (how we truly are). Maybe you don't laugh at our jokes or really don't listen to what we have to say. You figure that we don't notice that when you call, you are really calling to be heard and paid attention to and when it's our turn to talk that you don't ask any questions or really don't give any feedback to what we're saying.

There's no need to call excessively. No need to text so much. Silence. That is the SHOUT we are sending you to give us some time to do our own things. We are men. We don't discuss our problems like you ladies do. We don't call our male friends to 'talk' about our problems. We deal with them in our heads and deal with them through activities:

- Work
- Exercise
- Sex
- Silence
- Other activities

Any mothers here? Why is it so difficult to understand men? When you text/call so much, you remind us of our mom when she used to nag so much and was always in our case. How did we react then when we were teenagers? Same way. Through silence.

So, what to do? Let us call you. Or the best thing you can do:


Come see us. Come on over and watch TV with us. Join us in our silence. Make us a nice dinner or have pizza be delivered. Ask us if we want to go to a nice action flick. Come and work-out with us. Offer us to go bike-riding. Anything that involves lots of action and little talking. That is the way to get us out of the Silence phase.

For the ones that are wondering why the men don't call you back after you slept with them in the first or two dates, it's because to a certain point we're embarrassed that you gave it so easily. We're comparing you to all the stories of all our male friends we've heard throughout the years and we're wondering if that's what you do with every man you meet. Think about it. What would you tell your son about women who give it to you on the day you meet them?



Re: Why Guys Don't Call...
Bebe said on January 18, 2014 at 10:00 (EST) (6476)

I'm looking for what I should do, everything was going good n then started to notice he was moody an was making plans in seeing each other an sometimes pull away an but do remind you he is looking for work and I know that is stressful on him. He has told me numerous of times. Ok so were texting n ask him why he doesn't sext me anymore an he answered just haven't been interested due to not working an I asked so If your not working your not interested. He said no. But in the meantime he calls me jack every once a while, which really never bothered me before but this time it did. Do remind you he calls his son that n after a while it didn't bother me but this time it did. Do I asked why must u keep calling me that n then like a flip of a switch it went south cuz he said it one more time an said it was annoying n took it as he was annoying me an now won't talk to me. He answered my text the next day but was like I'm keeping my conversation to a minimum n did not give him any drama jst changed the subject n was answering but then stopped n said not talking I don't want to annoy you. I did explain myself that it was annoying how you kept calling me jack n haven't heard from him. I keep reading to give him is space but I'm so lost help. I keep saying that he is do stressed from not working n throwing everything away. What do I do everything was great an a total rapid mood swing help



Re: Why Guys Don't Call...
susie said on January 14, 2014 at 10:42 (EST) (6474)

I need a respond back quickly!!! I met this handsome guy. He text me and ask for pictures. I sent a few. Then we decided we would meet up at a parking lot to see if we look the same as the photos. Valah we did so, we went to the a nice outery from there. He was like do you want to ridw with me or me with you. I rode with him and I felt like I had known him for years. We got there and hit it off well. He even ordered my cocktail and he had desert. We played the game truth or dare, and it gave me a chance to ask some great question to learn him more. After that we left and went to Walmart to look for him a card and something else. The date ended with me going back to my vehicle giving him a hug and leaving. He called me that night and we talked briefly. The next evening he called and said what are we going to do it is so cold out. So he and I suggested on a movie at my place. Now I normally do not let men over to my home unless I really know them. But I liked this guy alot. I went to buy something to eat and grab something for the both. He text me and said when you get a sec call me. I was like what does this guy want.He said since his uncle lived out in my county he did not want to come out to me go back home and come back to get his unclethe next morning. Anyway so we agreed he would stay over and he did. We ate watch T.V and talked it was great. He always said some flirty things to me. One thing was asking me about sex tapes and just little things. I brushed it off and we watch DVD. I made him an air mattress downstairs and I slept on the chair next to him. I did not kiss him or anything. The next morning I got up made him breakfast and he tried to hug me and I was not affectionate. I really do not know why I did that. Also that night I he wanted me to give him a foot massage and I kept saying get your feet off of me and my table. What do you think now he barely text me and never calls. I



Re: Why Guys Don't Call...
Cris said on January 5, 2014 at 20:58 (EST) (6470)

I started dating someone October 14th, 2013. Of course new it was wonderful, myself usually having walls up, seemed not to this time. I felt butterflies, he would send me messages stating, "where have you been my whole life?" and "your amazing babe". Throughout the next two months, we grew closer, sex was fantastic, I missed him as soon as he pulled out of my drive. I met his parents on Thanksgiving, he met mine on Christmas. I asked him right after Christmas if he changed his profile status on FB. He stated no he'd done that once before and not doing it again. I let it go! It bothered me, he also made comments of his ex texted him a few times but he blew her off and she's engaged. They have been divorced for over 6 years. On new years eve, we had friends over, he stated something like, "given the opportunity I wouldn't pass that up", this was told to the guys of course. It bothered me, so I asked him when we were crawling into bed if he could shine some light on why he would say that, that it hurt my feelings. He said, o my, it's a hunting show we follow on FB. Like I would ever have that opportunity. I just said calmly, o ok, laid my head down on the pillow. He gets up and says he's leaving at 3am in the morning. I begged him not to go because I truly care about him and his safety at this point because he had been drinking and I didn't want him driving. He said his mind was made up and he was leaving. I sent him a text the next day telling him that I truly care about him (no love mentioned) but we need to talk about this. Nothing.... Second day, I message him saying, ok enough, I miss you and this is not good for either of us we are adults. Nothing.... Day 3, I message him again and say, listen, I don't like silence, do we just move past this together or do I just move on? Nothing.....everyone says he's scared, because I'm the closest girl he's gotten to since his last relationship after his marriage of 4 years. Their relationship has been over for 1.5 now. I look at it as your 37 I'm 40 grow up. I do not plan on contacting him again. What are your thoughts? I have fallen in love and miss him greatly.


why does he respond to a letter

Re: Why Guys Don't Call...
ginny said on January 3, 2014 at 23:31 (EST) (6469)

Isent a guy a letter who walked 5 miles to my home to see me after 4 years not seeing each other when he donated blood forme. He responded immediately to the letter;he called a week later but I was not home;he left no message.He does not know I have caller I.D.Did not hear from him wrote another letter.I told him in the letter to call me if he wanted to meet.He called immediately but hung up before the message came on & I could get tothe phone.2 weeks gone by>He has not called. What to do.I told him to call.Why does he stop just cause I dont answer. I wont call him even tho I know his number but he does not know I do



Re: Why Guys Don't Call...
cindy said on December 22, 2013 at 15:40 (EST) (6461)

so they's this guy ok so i found out that he likes me ok so i asked him and he said yes but then he never spoke to me for 2 fucken weeks whats that all about


3 dates then nothing

Re: Why Guys Don't Call...
Julie said on December 21, 2013 at 07:03 (EST) (6458)

Have been reading some of the posts and sort of gathering clues, my story here goes, I met this guy lovely fella after a couple of years single and ready to dip my toe in the water charming smart clean handsome funny all the qualities you would want had a perfect date, end of the evening before leaving he asked me for a 2nd date which I accepted, again another great time kissing holding hands and a genuine like of each other he came to my work bringing flowers to thank me for a wonderful time bombarded me with texts with how he was thinking about me and how much he liked me and couldnt wait to see me again and asked for another date which I accepted our 3rd date, he picked me up went out for dinner I was excited and believe me not been so in such a long time, he picked me up we went for dinner and he said would you like to come back to my place for a coffee or tea I accepted and mentioned that both are working and up early so not to be a late one his reply was when you are ready I will take you home, back at his place we chatted drank our tea some petting and kissing for quite some time we both enjoyed it well I had and he did not show any indication he wasnt, I said before anything went any further its time I went home but thank you for dinner and a great evening, then I noticed I had lost an earring we had a quick look on and under the couch I said its ok sometime I have forgot to put the other one in it most likely will be on my table at home, he took me home beaming with smiles both of us, I was home happy and of course my earring was on the table, I text him a thank you for the evening again and said I had found my earring, he replied I am now in bed reading my reply have a nice day tomorrow and see you soon, his replay I had a great time thank you. Next day no text both working so though I would text in the evening which I did, I said hi how has your day gone have you also been busy? then nothing... I went to bed because you never know if they have gone to bed early not seen the phone anything really so was hoping for a morning reply and there was nothing, I had make the only text that evening previous and not heard a thing no reply at all, I liked him and assumed he liked me same but I wont text him again and certainly am not going to sit around dwelling on what could have been its only been a couple of days my thoughts are if he wanted to see you he will call or text it takes a minute out of their life to say sorry your not the person for me or explain why they have not contacted, which is what we woman would prefer then nothing at all, im pretty ok because I only invested 3 dates and if he does call at some stage I will see how it goes from there, if he doesnt then no great loss he wasnt worth my time and energy although I cant help but think is this because I didint go all the way and would the same have happened if I had so ladies your dammed if you do and dammed if you dont

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