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Established 1994 by the CCCP
ISSN: 1482-0471
(Registered with the National Library of Canada, 1997)

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If we ever acquire a purpose, you'll be the first to know.

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Capital of Nasty no longer maintains a text-only edition of its newsletter. After twelve years of publishing in an issue format, we've had to adopt a more convenient way of maintaining our site and our sanity. You are still welcome to subscribe to our low-traffic mailing list, but be warned, you may not receive anything for years.

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Capital of Nasty no longer supports Gopher and FTP services for the retrieval of past issues.


Although CoN has some professional writers and some writers who are professionals, it is not a professional publication. In other words, as with most things on the Internet, don't take us too seriously. CoN is a Canadian-based web-magazine more akin to the personal blog, the vanity press and the amateur writer. It provides a place to exercise writing, programming and, sometimes, thinking. For real journalism and properly researched content we would recommend visiting the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation or reading both the The Globe & Mail and the Toronto Star.

If despite our overall puerility you're still interested in participating, you are welcome to contribute your article to Capital of Nasty. Because we are a not-for-profit non-organization, we don't pay for works contributed to the site, but we also do not profit from them.

Submissions retain the author's copyright. By submitting an article, the author gives permission to Capital of Nasty to distribute the article via e-mail to subscribed members of the magazine, circulate the article via Usenet in newsgrups alt.zines and alt.ezines, and display the article on Capital of Nasty's site and/or its affiliated mirrors indefinately. An author is free to further distribute his or her article as he or she pleases.

Please refer to our copyright section as to what can and cannot be done with material available on Capital of Nasty.

If you're interested in submitting an article, please send submissions to the editors at con <at> Capital of Nasty's editorial staff will either accept or reject the submission. If the former, some minor editorial changes may take place (spelling corrections, syntax, etc.) and will be resent to you for approval. The editors prefer standard ASCII files.

If you're submitting an article for the first time, please consider sending a few words about yourself for the Staff page. Our experience has taught us, on an Internet that never forgets, that you might want to consider using an alias rather than your real name.

Please e-mail any questions to: con <at>

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Capital of Nasty is a non-commercial non-organization. Any and all operating costs are currently covered by us. At this time, no donations are currently accepted nor is advertising sought.

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Please use the main email address, con <at> for any correspondence concerning CoN. Both editors receive mail sent to con.

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