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Russian Authorities Crack Down on Artists Who Draw Giant Penises on Bridges (Among Other Things) capnasty Mar  9, 2011 News
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Alan Wolfson's "Canal St. Cross-Section" capnasty Apr 28, 2011 News
Lee Price's Photo-Realistic Paintings of Eating Junk Food Nude in a Bathub capnasty Apr 29, 2011 News
Decorating Parisian Potholes Using Colourful Fabric capnasty Apr 30, 2011 News
Frankentoys: Rachel Peters' Abominable Toys capnasty May  4, 2011 News
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Beth Chapleau's Canadian Winter Survival Kit capnasty May 13, 2011 News
Some People Call it Art: Making Perfume Out of Human Excrement mnemonic May 17, 2011 News
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Mike Bouchet's Shopping Cart Lounger capnasty May 19, 2011 News
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Teh Geek Life: Indecision CoN Staff Jun 29, 2011 News
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Teh Geek Life: Things That Face Our Generation capnasty Jul  7, 2011 News
Light Paintings Made With a Roomba capnasty Jul  8, 2011 News
Conrad Roset's Water Coloured Muses capnasty Jul  8, 2011 News
Mike Knuepfel's Keyboard Frequency Sculpture capnasty Jul 11, 2011 News
Abort, Retry, Frame: a dir /p of nostalgia capnasty Jul 11, 2011 News
Raid71's Prints on Sale Support the Royal Manchester Cancer Society capnasty Jul 13, 2011 News
Intentionally Dysfunctional Factory Products capnasty Jul 13, 2011 News
Oreo Cookie Potraits capnasty Jul 14, 2011 News
Who to Believe: a Paris Town Hall Optical Illusion capnasty Jul 15, 2011 News
Back to Basics: Retro Electronics Made of Paper by Zim and Zou capnasty Jul 18, 2011 News
Snail Mail my Email capnasty Jul 18, 2011 News
Abstract Star Wars Paintings capnasty Jul 24, 2011 News
This Painting is Not Available in Your Country capnasty Jul 25, 2011 News
Nu Penny: The Toy Store That's Never Open capnasty Jul 26, 2011 News
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Drawing 365 Things Over 365 Days capnasty Aug  1, 2011 News
Recession Designs capnasty Aug  2, 2011 News
Internet-Era Propaganda Posters for Twitter, Facebook and Google+ capnasty Aug  3, 2011 News
8-bit Brands: Retro Transformation of Popular Brand Logos capnasty Aug  8, 2011 News
Twitter Avatar Portraits capnasty Aug  9, 2011 News
Vandalized Vintage capnasty Aug 10, 2011 News
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Make your Franklin capnasty Aug 11, 2011 News
The Idea That a Car Runs Free, Those Days Are About to Close capnasty Aug 14, 2011 News
Graffiti Taxonomy capnasty Aug 16, 2011 News
Minimal Business Card Design capnasty Aug 30, 2011 News
Say Something Nice capnasty Aug 30, 2011 News
Space Oddity: David Bowie's Song Turned Into a Children's Book capnasty Sep  3, 2011 News
Pretty Colors: User Submitted Colours capnasty Sep  4, 2011 News
Women Fighters in Reasonable Armour capnasty Sep  5, 2011 News
Delight and Destroy Show by Death Spray capnasty Sep  8, 2011 News
Skull Nickels capnasty Sep 10, 2011 News
Didier Faustino's Double Happiness capnasty Sep 14, 2011 News
Shoot for the Moon capnasty Sep 16, 2011 News
A Weird Video Game: The Artist is Present capnasty Sep 19, 2011 News
Vintage Design Icons capnasty Sep 20, 2011 News
The Typewriter Cocktail Machine capnasty Sep 28, 2011 News
Doyle Partners' Tape Typography capnasty Sep 30, 2011 News
Replaceface: Celebrity Faces on Russian General Bodies capnasty Oct  3, 2011 News
Opposite Posters capnasty Oct  4, 2011 News
Dominic Wilcox's Watch Sculptures capnasty Oct  4, 2011 News
Thank a Type Designer capnasty Oct  6, 2011 News
Henry Hargreaves' Bacon Alphabet capnasty Oct 12, 2011 News
I Lack Creativity, 2011; sharpie on drywall: 35 x 48 cm capnasty Oct 14, 2011 News
Occupy Design capnasty Oct 21, 2011 News
Christine Chin's Sentient Kitchen: a Mix of Kitchenware with Body Parts capnasty Oct 27, 2011 News
The Kitten Covers: Legendary Albums From a World Dominated by Kittens capnasty Nov 10, 2011 News
Danni Shinya Luo's Sensual Artwork capnasty Nov 13, 2011 News
Analog GIF Image Player capnasty Nov 16, 2011 News
The World's Largest 3D Street Painting capnasty Nov 21, 2011 News
Kyle Bean's Wooden iPhone capnasty Nov 22, 2011 News
Charly Molinelli's Crashed Ferrari Table capnasty Nov 23, 2011 News
Insane Photoshop Skills David Dylan Dec  3, 2011 News
The Toronto Etiquette Project capnasty Dec  5, 2011 News
An Arts and Crafts History of the World capnasty Dec  6, 2011 News
The Chromatic Typewriter capnasty Dec  6, 2011 News
Angryblue's "Weapons of Mass Creation" Art Prints capnasty Dec  9, 2011 News
Self Pop Tart: Ridiculous Self Portraits Taken with a Pop Tart capnasty Dec  9, 2011 News
Rubitone: Rubik's Cube + Pantone Colour Swatches capnasty Dec 12, 2011 News
Propaganda Posters for the Internet Age capnasty Dec 13, 2011 News
How to Waste Half An Hour at Work: the Single Lane Super Highway capnasty Dec 14, 2011 News
The Random Tattoo Project capnasty Dec 17, 2011 News
Fühl-o-Meter: Interactive Installation Shows the Mood of the City capnasty Dec 18, 2011 News
Protéigon: Stop-Motion Papercraft Film capnasty Dec 19, 2011 News
Stephen Wildish's 80's Film Alphabet capnasty Jan  8, 2012 News
Joseph Herscher's Rube Goldberg machine capnasty Jan 12, 2012 News
Clipart Covers: Album Covers Made with Clip Art capnasty Jan 12, 2012 News
Cacophony: Art Installation Depicts the Possible Problems of the Flow of Information capnasty Jan 13, 2012 News
Recursive Image Search Starting with a Transparent PNG capnasty Jan 15, 2012 News
Iconic Logos Redrawn Using Comic Sans capnasty Jan 16, 2012 News
Subway Systems of the World, Presented on the Same Scale capnasty Feb  3, 2012 News
Avería: the Average Font capnasty Feb  7, 2012 News
From Enchantment to Down: Disney Heroines Meet Their Demise capnasty Feb 12, 2012 News
The Illustrations of Frank Stockton capnasty Feb 18, 2012 News
Skin Type capnasty Feb 21, 2012 News
The Transparency Grenade: Collects and Shares Sensitive Data capnasty Feb 22, 2012 News
Outsiders: Inside-Out Stuffed Animals capnasty Feb 24, 2012 News
@TheBlackeningCo's Polygon Heroes capnasty Feb 28, 2012 News
Facebook Identity Cards by the FB Bureau capnasty Feb 28, 2012 News
For the Anal Retentive: Redundant Calculators capnasty Mar  1, 2012 News
Japanese Imperial Warships Made Out of Sushi capnasty Mar 22, 2012 News
Frustro: The Impossible Typeface capnasty Mar 23, 2012 News
Super Mario Brothers is the World's Greatest Piece of Surrealist Art capnasty Mar 25, 2012 News
OpenStreetMaps Done in Toner, Terrain or Watercolours capnasty Mar 28, 2012 News
The 2012 Apocalypse Tomorrow Calendar capnasty Mar 30, 2012 News
All of the MET's Nipples capnasty Apr  1, 2012 News
Kitchenware Dressed Up for the Occasion capnasty Apr  3, 2012 News
Hipster Branding capnasty Apr  3, 2012 News
Wikipaintings: the Wikipedia of Fine Arts capnasty Apr  5, 2012 News
Fred Flinstone's House is for Sale capnasty Apr  5, 2012 News
Happiness and Other Survival Techniques capnasty Apr 10, 2012 News
Map of the Dead: Be Ready for the Zombie Apocalypse capnasty Apr 12, 2012 News
Better Than the Original: Alternative Disney Movie Posters capnasty Apr 13, 2012 News
Knit Credit Cards capnasty Apr 13, 2012 News
People Who Take "Draw Something" Too Seriously capnasty Apr 16, 2012 News
Gregory Thielker's Landscapes from Behind a Rainy Windshield capnasty Apr 16, 2012 News
Lucie and Simon's Silent world capnasty Apr 19, 2012 News
Yesterday's Future: Futuristic Industrial Designs from 1944 capnasty Apr 20, 2012 News
Famous Copyrighted Hair capnasty Apr 25, 2012 News
Bobby Petersen's Door Knocking Door Bell capnasty Apr 25, 2012 News
Roman Tyc's Traffic Lights capnasty Apr 27, 2012 News
Cycling Art: Creating Elaborate Drawings Using a Bike and a GPS capnasty Apr 30, 2012 News
Ignore Hitler capnasty May 22, 2012 News
Polyhedron Habitable capnasty May 25, 2012 News
The Mixtape Coffee Table capnasty May 28, 2012 News
I Wish I Had Said Hello: Missed Connections in Manhattan capnasty May 31, 2012 News
Dogs and Cars capnasty Jun  4, 2012 News
Cat + Quadrotor = Catcopter capnasty Jun  4, 2012 News
Eliza Frye's New Posters capnasty Jun  6, 2012 News
Hand Drawn Map of London capnasty Jun  6, 2012 News
Meshu: Turn Your Foursquare Check-In Data into Jewellery capnasty Jun  6, 2012 News
Good Boy: A Lamp Shaped Like a Dog Taking a Dump capnasty Jun  7, 2012 News
Henry Hargreaves' Deep Fried Gadgets capnasty Jun  7, 2012 News
@BroBrain's Looping Animations Made From Retro Videogames capnasty Jun 11, 2012 News
Paint Evolution: Paintbrushes Turned into Art capnasty Jun 13, 2012 News
Sailboat Logos capnasty Jun 15, 2012 News
The Evolution of the Batman Symbol capnasty Jun 22, 2012 News
Maskull Lasserre's Shoes With Animal Tracks for Soles capnasty Jun 25, 2012 News
Kumi Yamashita's Shadow Origamis capnasty Jun 26, 2012 News
German Bridge Made to Look Like It's Supported by LEGOs capnasty Jul  9, 2012 News
Vacuum Tubes with Hand-Painted Skulls by Skull-a-Day's Noah Scalin capnasty Jul  9, 2012 News
The Next Microsoft: Andrew Kim Updates Microsoft's Branding in Just Three Days capnasty Jul  9, 2012 News
Dessert Set: Jacques-Elie Ribeyron's Mimimal Design capnasty Jul 18, 2012 News
Matisse's Painting Stolen and Replaced With a Horrible Fake Went Unnoticed for Years capnasty Jul 22, 2012 News
Alva: the Edison Inspired Lightbulb Lamp capnasty Jul 23, 2012 News
Rx Prescription Bottle Sticker Packs capnasty Jul 24, 2012 News
Kevin Cyr's Paintings of Vans Covered in Graffiti capnasty Jul 26, 2012 News
Century of the Child: MoMA's Exhibit Looks at Childhood as a Means for Modern Design Thinking capnasty Jul 31, 2012 News
Underground Supporter: Posters Supporting Olympic Sports, Not Sponsorship capnasty Aug  2, 2012 News
Nike 78: Creatively Challenging the Function of Nike Shoes capnasty Aug  3, 2012 News
Minimalist and Functional Redesign of the Egg Box Packaging capnasty Aug  6, 2012 News
Firefighter Vodka capnasty Aug  7, 2012 News
Washers and Stubbed Pencils to Create Drawings capnasty Aug  8, 2012 News
Stone Spray Project: Robot That Sprays Soil to Build Architectural Structures. capnasty Aug  8, 2012 News
Gunilla Klingberg's 'A Sign in Space' capnasty Aug  9, 2012 News
Man-Eater: a Game to Be Played Between Transit Stops capnasty Aug  9, 2012 News
Antonin Fourneau's Water Light Graffiti capnasty Aug 10, 2012 News
Monolith Skateboard capnasty Aug 10, 2012 News
"The Big Money Project." RBC = Really Big Coin capnasty Aug 13, 2012 News
The People Behind Google's Doodles capnasty Aug 15, 2012 News
Original Star War Trilogy Posters Done Spaghetti Western Style capnasty Aug 21, 2012 News
The Brighter Day Project capnasty Aug 23, 2012 News
Rethinking U.S. Road Signs capnasty Aug 23, 2012 News
Benjamin Knapp Voith's Bentley Barnato Roadster Concept capnasty Aug 25, 2012 News
Stair Rover: Po-Chih Lai's Stair Skateboard capnasty Aug 29, 2012 News
Self-Portraits Under the Influence of a Variety of Drugs capnasty Sep  4, 2012 News
Antobjects: Small Robots Made From Old Electronic Parts capnasty Sep  4, 2012 News
Typometry: Optometry Eye Chart for the Typographer capnasty Sep  5, 2012 News
YOY's Peel: a Lamp that Looks Like the Room is Peeling capnasty Sep  5, 2012 News
3D Pac Man capnasty Sep  7, 2012 News
RGB Colorspace Atlas capnasty Sep  7, 2012 News
56 Broken Kindle Screens capnasty Sep 11, 2012 News
Dead Media: Giant Skull Created with Obsolete VHS Tapes capnasty Sep 13, 2012 News
Extraordinary Collection of Artist-Designed Chessboards capnasty Sep 13, 2012 News
Increments: Art Installation Creates Words Using Lightbulbs and Magnifying Glasses capnasty Sep 14, 2012 News
City Sculptures Made From Old Computer Parts capnasty Sep 15, 2012 News
Gold Tele: Phone Boots Converted into Aquariums Around Osaka capnasty Sep 16, 2012 News
Sidewalk Tetherball capnasty Sep 17, 2012 News
GPS Shoes capnasty Sep 18, 2012 News
xkcd's Insanely Massive Comic capnasty Sep 19, 2012 News
Depressed Spider-Bot That Posts Depressed Tweets capnasty Sep 20, 2012 News
Timelapse Video Showcasing @PatrickVale Drawing Manhattan's Skyline capnasty Sep 20, 2012 News
A Walking Robot Made Out of Paper capnasty Sep 20, 2012 News
Benoit Jammes' Cassette Tape Art capnasty Sep 22, 2012 News
Alexandros Stasinopoulos' Windows Smartphone Concept capnasty Sep 23, 2012 News
Hyundai's Hyper-Matrix Wall capnasty Sep 24, 2012 News
The Cure For Greed capnasty Sep 24, 2012 News
Carolina Fontoura Alzaga's Recycled Bicycle Chandeliers capnasty Sep 26, 2012 News
Sensually Retro Illustrations by Simone Massoni capnasty Sep 27, 2012 News
Alexander Weber's "Almost Useless Machine" capnasty Sep 28, 2012 News
Emily Isles' Posters Celebrating Italian Inventions capnasty Sep 30, 2012 News
David Reeves' Paper Cutouts Inspired by Classic Cult Movies capnasty Oct  1, 2012 News
FlipBooKit - Mechanical Flipbook Art and Kit capnasty Oct  1, 2012 News
Star Wars Done Dr. Seuss Style capnasty Oct  2, 2012 News
Traditional Ottoman Motifs Blended With Contemporary Western Cinema capnasty Oct 13, 2012 News
Re-Branding the First 40 Presidents capnasty Oct 15, 2012 News
Rain Room capnasty Oct 15, 2012 News
Paint Mámor: Strange 8-Bit Art capnasty Oct 22, 2012 News
For Halloween, Dress Your Little Ones Like Famous Artists capnasty Oct 23, 2012 News
Machine Embroidered Doilies of Viruses capnasty Oct 26, 2012 News
KHUAN+KTRON's Beautiful Illustrations capnasty Oct 27, 2012 News
Greetings from Nowhere: Inappropriate Cards That Suck a Bit Less capnasty Oct 30, 2012 News
The Lives of Famous People Rendered in Minimalist Flowcharts capnasty Nov  1, 2012 News
Kyle Thompson's Surreal Photography capnasty Nov  1, 2012 News
Lumen Type: Typeface Created on the Glare of Water Droplets capnasty Nov  3, 2012 News
Catalyst: Engineered Silicone Paintbrushes capnasty Nov  4, 2012 News
Starwarigami: Origami from a Galaxy Far Far Away... capnasty Nov  8, 2012 News
The Clock Clock White: Analogue Clocks Give Digital Time capnasty Nov  8, 2012 News
Minimalist Original Trilogy Star Wars Posters capnasty Nov  8, 2012 News
Remembrance Day Wreath Made With Plastic Toy Soldiers capnasty Nov 11, 2012 News
The Uncle Sam: Manual Machine That Pops One Kernel of Popcorn at a Time capnasty Nov 11, 2012 News
Annette Marnat's Playful Illustrations capnasty Nov 12, 2012 News
Snail Mail My Email: Volunteers Take Your Email, Handwrite It and Snail Mail It for Free capnasty Nov 12, 2012 News
Blending Real Objects With 3D Prints capnasty Nov 14, 2012 News
Natalie Luder's Bacon Scarf capnasty Nov 19, 2012 News
The Decelerator Helmet: Slow Motion for Real Life capnasty Nov 22, 2012 News
Solitaire.exe: Deck of Cards Inspired by Microsoft's Card Game capnasty Nov 22, 2012 News
Cerealism: Photos of Breakfast Cereal in Realistic Settings capnasty Nov 24, 2012 News
Fernando Reza's Mythic Beasts Travel Posters capnasty Nov 26, 2012 News
Enrique Diaz-Rato's Pinhole Camera capnasty Nov 28, 2012 News
Painting Art With a Pinball Machine capnasty Dec  2, 2012 News
The Illustrations of Michelle Kondrich capnasty Dec  4, 2012 News
The Mendicant: Robert Wechsler's Cubes Made With Perfectly Arranged Pennies capnasty Dec 10, 2012 News
Turning Old Computer Memory into Christmas Ornaments capnasty Dec 12, 2012 News
How To Make Pixelated Christmas Cards capnasty Dec 15, 2012 News
Curator Deck: Emmanuel Jose's Beautiful Paper Cut Playing Cards capnasty Dec 19, 2012 News
Kusama's Obliteration Room: Having Visitors Turn an Otherwise Drab Room Into an Explosion of Colour capnasty Dec 22, 2012 News
Lori Nix's Dioramas of the Abandoned City capnasty Jan  2, 2013 News
Amanda Nedermeijer's "The Animation of Man" capnasty Jan  5, 2013 News
Jon Uriarte Carefully Erases Himself Out of Photographs capnasty Jan  6, 2013 News
Art With Non-Western Typography capnasty Jan  7, 2013 News
School Charts Featuring Vintage Audio Equipment capnasty Jan  8, 2013 News
Jim Darling’s Airplane Window Paintings capnasty Jan 11, 2013 News
Just A Second 2012: One Second a Day for All of 2012 capnasty Jan 11, 2013 News
iPhone's Multi-Touch Gestures in Analogue Form capnasty Jan 15, 2013 News
Andrew DeGraff's Action Diagrams for Indiana Jones and Star Wars capnasty Jan 17, 2013 News
Emanuel Rufo's Classic Racecars Recreated in Wood capnasty Jan 20, 2013 News
#thePennyFloor: Covering A Floor in Pennies capnasty Jan 29, 2013 News
Transforming Scenic British Beaches Into Temporary Canvases of Swirls capnasty Feb  1, 2013 News
Instacode: Hipsterize Your Code Instantly capnasty Feb  1, 2013 News
Anti-Surveillance Clothing to Foil Government Snoopers capnasty Feb  1, 2013 News
Paperman: Merging Computer-Generated and Hand-Drawn Animation Techniques capnasty Feb  4, 2013 News
The Intricately Detailed Art of Nicolas Delort capnasty Feb  9, 2013 News
Animal Sculptures Made From Broken Glass capnasty Feb  9, 2013 News
What Happens When You Point a Video Projector on Falling Snow capnasty Feb 11, 2013 News
Windows of New York: a Weekly Updated Collection capnasty Feb 14, 2013 News
Daily Dishonesty: Beautiful Artistic Lies capnasty Feb 14, 2013 News
Revolution, Paper Animation Showing the Life Cycle of a Drop of Water capnasty Feb 15, 2013 News
Crabfu Steamworks: Combining RC Models with Steam Engines capnasty Feb 17, 2013 News
Prohibition Kit: 4 Functional Objects That, Combined, Become a Distillery capnasty Feb 17, 2013 News
Online Archive of the New York City Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual capnasty Feb 18, 2013 News
Pagani Zonda Inspired Paper-Super-Craft capnasty Feb 18, 2013 News
Head Like an Orange: Blog Featuring Beautiful Animated GIF capnasty Feb 22, 2013 News
Using Insects to Build Unusual Sculptures from Gold capnasty Feb 23, 2013 News
Audio Book: Upcycling Old Books into Speakers capnasty Feb 26, 2013 News
Electromagnetic Harvester: Charging Batteries Using Electromagnetic Fields capnasty Feb 27, 2013 News
A Million Times: 288 Analogue Clocks Giving One Big Digital Time capnasty Mar  1, 2013 News
Aram Bartholl's DVD Dead Drop on the Side of a Museum capnasty Mar  2, 2013 News
"Jim'll Paint It": Jim Paints Your Absurd Requests in Microsoft Paint capnasty Mar  4, 2013 News
The Bay Lights: Turning the San Francisco Bay Bridge Into a Giant Screen capnasty Mar  7, 2013 News
How Do Comic Strip Artists Make Money? capnasty Mar  7, 2013 News
Carma Project: Can a Bicycle Make Up for Everything a Car Has Done? capnasty Mar  8, 2013 News
Unstable Matter: an Undulating Table Filled With Rolling Metal Spheres capnasty Mar 11, 2013 News
Continuum Fashion: Using the Hive Mind of the Internet to Create Fashion capnasty Mar 11, 2013 News
Floor Plans of Famous Television Shows capnasty Mar 17, 2013 News
Nuancier: Steel Slices Showing the Parts of a Watch capnasty Mar 18, 2013 News
“Nothing Fancy”: Chieh’s Minimalist Wallet Solutions capnasty Mar 27, 2013 News
Rap Quotes: Placing Street Signs At Intersections Referenced by the Lyrics of Famous Rappers capnasty Mar 28, 2013 News
Alphabet Made Out of Naked Silhouettes capnasty Apr  3, 2013 News
The Ramus M1: a Table Made of Carbon Fibre, Aircraft-Grade Aluminium and Stainless Steel capnasty Apr  3, 2013 News
PARKd: Concept for the Parking Meter of Tomorrow capnasty Apr  6, 2013 News
Listening to the Surface of the Earth Transposed on a Vinyl Record Apr  8, 2013 News
Cube with Magic Ribbons capnasty Apr  8, 2013 News
Velokafi: a Drive-In for Cyclists capnasty Apr  8, 2013 News
Rethinking the Design of the Birth Certificate capnasty Apr 10, 2013 News
Emmy Lincoln's Pop-Surrealistic Art capnasty Apr 18, 2013 News
Yaroslav Mischenko's Origamis capnasty Apr 19, 2013 News
If Super Heroes Were Sponsored by Corporations capnasty Apr 22, 2013 News
For( ){ }; a User-Playable Art Installation capnasty Apr 23, 2013 News
Color Play: Using Colours to Play Music capnasty Apr 27, 2013 News
Wrap it, Tape it, Walk it, Place it: Tumblr Blog on the Installation of Art Exhibits capnasty Apr 29, 2013 News
Here Is Today capnasty Apr 30, 2013 News
Knock Knock: an Arduino-Powered Wooden Surface Calculator for Children capnasty May  1, 2013 News
Johan Scherft's Realistic Bird Paper Crafts capnasty May  1, 2013 News
Super Mario Bros. Characters as Hipsters capnasty May  2, 2013 News
The Rotary Phone Inspired Coffee Maker capnasty May  4, 2013 News
Twitter: the Comic capnasty May  7, 2013 News
All the Best Art and Photo Tumblrs Worth Following capnasty May  9, 2013 News
NeoLucida: a 19th-Century Optical Drawing Tool Updated for the 21st Century capnasty May 10, 2013 News
LEGO Figurines Covered in Hand-Drawn Tattoos capnasty May 10, 2013 News
"The difference between photojournalism and photography is ethics." capnasty May 14, 2013 News
Surf in the City with Atypical, an Italian Skateboarding Company capnasty May 16, 2013 News
Propane Tanks Turned into Seats capnasty May 21, 2013 News
People Running For Trains in Slow Motion capnasty May 23, 2013 News
Time-Lapse Video of the 2013 Danang International Fireworks Competition capnasty May 26, 2013 News
"Life is Precious". Beautiful Survival-Kit Canister capnasty May 27, 2013 News
Max Zorn's Incredible Packing Tape Portraits capnasty May 29, 2013 News
"One Lovely Day in the Life..." A Day in the Life of a Professional Illustrator capnasty May 29, 2013 News
Great Art in Ugly Rooms capnasty May 31, 2013 News
Imeuble: 3-Dimensionally Abstract Shelves capnasty Jun  3, 2013 News
#CoffeeWithSarah: Coffee and Portfolio All in One Go capnasty Jun  4, 2013 News
Nachtfluge: Long Exposures of Planes Flying at Night capnasty Jun  6, 2013 News
Pawel Kuczynski’s Incredibly Satirical Art tyrannis Jun  6, 2013 News
Mundane Statements Made to Look Like Inspirational Quotes capnasty Jun 10, 2013 News
Pirate Cinema: a Cinematic Collage Generated by Peer-to-Peer Network Users capnasty Jun 11, 2013 News
Cow: a Wooden Machine That Demonstrates the Cow's Digestive System capnasty Jun 18, 2013 News
Vespalogy capnasty Jun 18, 2013 News
Paper BBQ capnasty Jun 19, 2013 News
WOOD.b: Beautiful Urban Bikes Made of Wood capnasty Jun 20, 2013 News
Call in the Night: Experimental Radio Show That Calls You at 2 AM, Records Your Conversation and Uses it in a Podcast capnasty Jun 24, 2013 News
Create Your Own Map With 'Map Stack' by Stamen Design capnasty Jun 24, 2013 News
Photoshop Live: Pranking People With Photoshop on the Spot capnasty Jun 27, 2013 News
The Atlas of True Names capnasty Jun 28, 2013 News
A Beached Whale as an Art Installation capnasty Jun 29, 2013 News
Mechanical Insects capnasty Jul  1, 2013 News
Benches Made from Vintage Pickup Truck Tailgates capnasty Jul  2, 2013 News
Adrift, a Love Letter to the Fog of the San Francisco Bay Area capnasty Jul  2, 2013 News
The Makers of Things capnasty Jul  4, 2013 News
Away Mission capnasty Jul  4, 2013 News
DIY (Drone It Yourself) capnasty Jul  8, 2013 News
Redesigning the Recycle Logo capnasty Jul 24, 2013 News
Pixelist: Service That Turns Instagram Photos into Handmade Professional Oil Paintings capnasty Jul 24, 2013 News
All In One: 12 Course Meal Crammed in One Single Can capnasty Aug  6, 2013 News
Fragmented Memory: Tapestries Woven From Snapshots of Computer Memory capnasty Aug  6, 2013 News
Paintings of an Everyday Sci-Fi Future of the Past capnasty Aug 20, 2013 News
Butterick's Practical Typography: Learn Typography in 10 Minutes, Among Other Things capnasty Aug 21, 2013 News
Living Between Buildings: Narrow Apartments Nestled Between Buildings capnasty Aug 24, 2013 News
Hank Bought A Bus capnasty Aug 26, 2013 News
Post Secret: a Place to Share Your Secrets Anonymously capnasty Sep  4, 2013 News
Tin Can Project: Chalk Dispensing Machine for Spontaneous Creativity capnasty Sep  5, 2013 News
ZXX: Captcha-Like Typeface to Protect Your Text capnasty Sep  6, 2013 News
Iconic Photographs rendered in Play-Doh capnasty Sep 26, 2013 News
Wear and Tear: Visualizing Wear on a Digital Surface capnasty Oct  8, 2013 News
Bansky's Rebel Rocket Attack capnasty Oct  9, 2013 News
Robot Creates Art Using a Microsoft Kinect capnasty Oct 10, 2013 News
Blocktronics ACiD Trip: Insanely Elaborate ANSI Art capnasty Oct 13, 2013 News
Recording Mouse Movement for a Year capnasty Oct 14, 2013 News
The Wardrobe of Walter White capnasty Oct 15, 2013 News
Renaissance Paintings Turned into Bizarrely Animated GIF capnasty Oct 16, 2013 News
Beautiful Minimalist Disney Posters capnasty Oct 18, 2013 News
How to Make iOS7 Squircles Using CSS3 capnasty Oct 19, 2013 News
Breaking Bad Simpsonized capnasty Oct 21, 2013 News
Model Biplane Kit Made Using Skateboards capnasty Oct 29, 2013 News
Yaroslav Misonzhnikov's Bicycle Operated Store capnasty Nov  2, 2013 News
Bruno Ribeiro's "Real Life Instagram" #RealLifeInstagram #PostMe #TagMe capnasty Nov  7, 2013 News
brbxoxo: Stare at Absent Sexcams capnasty Nov 14, 2013 News
Proposal to Pay People Simply for Being Alive capnasty Nov 15, 2013 News
Electricity-Free Light-bulbs capnasty Nov 18, 2013 News
Brandon Allen's Photos of Deconstructed Game Controllers capnasty Nov 18, 2013 News
D.I.G.I.T.: Digital Mirror Using a Digital Clock's Numbers capnasty Nov 20, 2013 News
Milos "Sholim" Rajkovic's Bizarre Animations capnasty Nov 22, 2013 News
Austrian Domino Art Sets Guiness World Record for Tallest Domino Structure capnasty Nov 26, 2013 News
Listen and Repeat: Robotic Voice Reads Tweets Out Loud in the Middle of a Forest capnasty Nov 26, 2013 News
What a YouTube Video Looks Like When It's Uploaded, Ripped and Re-Uploaded 1,000 Times capnasty Dec  4, 2013 News
Cable Driven Machine to Draw in Sand capnasty Dec 11, 2013 News
The EM ("ElectroMagnetic") Table, Lights Up Fluorescent Bulbs With No Physical Contact capnasty Dec 17, 2013 News
LEGO Minifigures Illustrated as Pop-Culture Icons of the 80s capnasty Dec 17, 2013 News
What Computers See When They Watch a Movie capnasty Jan  8, 2014 News
Junk Head: Stop Motion SciFi Animation That Took 4 Years to Make capnasty Jan 11, 2014 News
Emojis In Real Life capnasty Jan 12, 2014 News
Easy Pencil: Use Every Last Bit of a Pencil's Lead capnasty Jan 22, 2014 News
The Confession Machine capnasty Jan 23, 2014 News
Reverberating Across the Divide: Using Digital and Physical Context in Digital Fabrication and Design capnasty Jan 23, 2014 News
Model of Air India Boeing 777-300ER Built by Hand Out of Manila Folders capnasty Jan 24, 2014 News
Dumb Starbucks: Parody Where the Coffee is the Art (via @DumbStarbucks) capnasty Feb 10, 2014 News
William Fisk's Portraits of Vintage Technologies capnasty Feb 13, 2014 News
Animated GIFs That Look 3D capnasty Feb 17, 2014 News
#PridePropaganda: Repurposed Soviet Propaganda Promoting LGBT capnasty Feb 19, 2014 News
Li Hongbo's "Statues in Motion" capnasty Feb 28, 2014 News
Hikaru Cho's Illusionist Paintings capnasty Mar 10, 2014 News
A Functional Speaker Made Out of Paper capnasty Mar 12, 2014 News
Star Wars High: Star Wars Characters Reimagined as High School Kids From the 80s capnasty Mar 13, 2014 News
Plumb: A Continuous Vertical Freehand Digression capnasty Mar 13, 2014 News
Google Will Eat Itself capnasty Mar 17, 2014 News
Maps of Countries and Continents Made With Food capnasty Mar 17, 2014 News
The High Five Camera capnasty Mar 25, 2014 News
Typical Hope's Unusual Yet Beautiful Animated Gifs capnasty Mar 27, 2014 News
Paper Typography capnasty Mar 31, 2014 News
Benjamin Sack's Hand Drawn Maps capnasty Apr  4, 2014 News
Malte Dorowski's Porsche Martini Racing Team Done with LEGOs capnasty Apr  5, 2014 News
Comic Neue: the New Face of Comic Sans capnasty Apr 10, 2014 News
Hacked Prius Uses Power from Trolleybus Overhead Wires capnasty Apr 10, 2014 News
Glow-in-the-Dark Highway Markings capnasty Apr 11, 2014 News
Improbabilita': Unlikely, Impractical Objects That Could Actually Exist capnasty Apr 22, 2014 News
Space Art from the 70s capnasty Apr 22, 2014 News