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Boston Dynamic's Cheetah Running at 45 km/h capnasty Sep 10, 2012 News
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Getting Away May Be Hard to Do: the Virtual Offices of 2025 capnasty Sep 26, 2012 News
"It's time to question the near-universal assumption that the ideal military recruit is young and male." Brains and Maturity on the Front Line capnasty Oct  1, 2012 News
82% of U.K. 5-Year-Olds Use an Internet Device capnasty Oct  3, 2012 News
Baby Boomers Have Destroyed the Economy capnasty Oct  9, 2012 News
Appliances That Require You to Smile capnasty Oct 11, 2012 News
History Repeats Itself: How the 1% Will Self-Destruct capnasty Oct 15, 2012 News
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Bananas: the New Potatoe capnasty Nov  2, 2012 News
How to Cook 3D Bio-Printed Meat capnasty Nov  7, 2012 News
Coffee is Under Threat from Climate Change, Could Go Extinct in Decades capnasty Nov  9, 2012 News
Space Exploration Will Be Quite Unlike Anything Seen Before capnasty Nov 12, 2012 News
"10 innovations that are radical enough to alter our lives." capnasty Nov 20, 2012 News
"Whether in 50 or 100 or 200 years, there's a good chance that New York City will sink beneath the sea." capnasty Nov 27, 2012 News
"What we really need is a sound way to teach our machines to be ethical." capnasty Nov 30, 2012 News
Replacing A Bulky Wallet With a Smartphone capnasty Dec 11, 2012 News
"What will we eat when wheat won't grow." The End of Pasta capnasty Dec 14, 2012 News
Popular Mechanics' 110 Predictions For the Next 110 Years capnasty Dec 14, 2012 News
Maker’s Row: Startup Helps You Find U.S.-Based Factories capnasty Dec 20, 2012 News
Eclectic Method’s Video Montage of What the Future Will Look Like According to Movies capnasty Dec 23, 2012 News
NASA's Next Generation Space Engines Tested for 5 Years Straight capnasty Dec 31, 2012 News
3D Printing is About to Change Our World capnasty Jan  4, 2013 News
DRONENET: Using a Network of Drones to Deliver Packages capnasty Jan 10, 2013 News
“The rise of online dating will mean an overall decrease in commitment.” capnasty Jan 11, 2013 News
"We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters." capnasty Jan 15, 2013 News
"New drugs [...] appear to vastly reduce the need for sleep without significant side effects." capnasty Jan 18, 2013 News
“The temptation to move toward autonomous drones will be irresistible.” capnasty Jan 23, 2013 News
Glasses to Make the Wearer Invisible to Facial Recognition Technology capnasty Jan 25, 2013 News
Storing Data in DNA Now Possible capnasty Jan 29, 2013 News
"This is the first time that Americans are going to be relatively worse off than their parents or grandparents in old age." capnasty Feb 19, 2013 News
Acidification of Oceans Will Mean No More Seafood in Coming Decades capnasty Feb 21, 2013 News
How It Feels to Use Google's Glass capnasty Feb 21, 2013 News
Keyboards That Rise Out of Touch-Screen Devices capnasty Feb 22, 2013 News
The Super Capacitor: Environmentally-Friendly, Fast-Charging Batteries out of Graphene capnasty Feb 22, 2013 News
First Hand Experience of What Using Google Glass is Like (via @joshuatopolsky) capnasty Feb 25, 2013 News
Scientists Link the Brains of Two Rats capnasty Mar  4, 2013 News
The Future of Humanity: Extinction or Space Travel? capnasty Mar 11, 2013 News
"If we're 100 years into the automobile era, it seems pretty inconceivable that the car as we know it is going to be around for another 100 years." capnasty Mar 16, 2013 News
The Smartphone of the Future May Use Sapphire Glass capnasty Mar 21, 2013 News
“The African forest elephants may face extinction — possibly as soon as the next decade.” capnasty Mar 23, 2013 News
The Biggest Problem With Renewable Energy is Political capnasty Mar 26, 2013 News
One Step Closer to Making Objects Invisible capnasty Apr  4, 2013 News
“Bitcoin is Poised to Change Society Much More Than the Internet Did” capnasty Apr  4, 2013 News
Everything You Need for Testing DNA, In 1 Hour, in Less Than Half the Size of a Business Card capnasty Apr  9, 2013 News
Toyota ME.WE: Concept Car That Addresses Contemporary Human, Economic and Environmental Challenges capnasty Apr 30, 2013 News
Google Files Patent for Future Password Replacement: Recognition with Funny Faces capnasty Jun  7, 2013 News
Clay: Keyless, Wireless Cloud-Based Locking Solution capnasty Jun 10, 2013 News
Giles Turnbull on "The Internet of Actual Things" capnasty Jun 24, 2013 News
Do-It-Yourself Checkouts Here to Stay capnasty Jul  3, 2013 News
PayPal Galactic: "to help make universal space payments a reality." capnasty Jul  8, 2013 News
What Will Artificial Intelligence Mean for Humans, as a Culture and as a Species? capnasty Jul 15, 2013 News
The House With a Twitter Voice capnasty Jul 15, 2013 News
Burgers Made of Synthetic Meat Grown in a Lab For Sale at $393,675 capnasty Jul 30, 2013 News
Edward Snowden's Message is Clear: US Firms' Cloud Services Cannot be Trusted capnasty Jul 30, 2013 News
"I resisted the Poltergeist-like temptation to turn the television on as well": Hacking a 'Smart Home' capnasty Jul 31, 2013 News
Robotic Bees to Replace Organic Pollinators capnasty Aug 13, 2013 News
The Future of Beef capnasty Aug 16, 2013 News
We're All Going to Die: Humans Heading Towards Extinction capnasty Aug 23, 2013 News
Self-Driving 'Robo-Taxi' from Google capnasty Aug 25, 2013 News
Meganews Magazine: Fully Automated Magazine Stand That Prints Your Issue on Demand capnasty Aug 31, 2013 News
Drones: in the U.S. They Kill People, in China They Deliver Cakes capnasty Sep  4, 2013 News
Using Supercomputers to Predict Wars, Revolutions and Armed Robberies capnasty Sep  4, 2013 News
Diogene: Completely Self-Sustaining Tiny House by Renzo Piano capnasty Sep  5, 2013 News
Immortality Not Yet Available, But Anti-Aging Drugs Becoming Possible capnasty Sep  9, 2013 News
Technology is the Heroin of Our Internet Generation capnasty Sep 10, 2013 News
After NSA Revelations, Brazil Looking into Detaching Itself from US-Centric Internet capnasty Sep 17, 2013 News
Oyster: Netflix for Books capnasty Sep 19, 2013 News
Almost 50% of Jobs to be Automated In the Next Two Decades capnasty Sep 19, 2013 News
"Think of it like a motorcycle in the sky." The Jetpack is Coming capnasty Sep 20, 2013 News
Bicycles, the Vehicle of Choice in the Post-Apocalyptic World capnasty Sep 20, 2013 News
How Apple Will Kill the Desktop Computer capnasty Sep 21, 2013 News
Mind-Operated Bionic Leg capnasty Sep 26, 2013 News
How Many Earths? capnasty Sep 27, 2013 News
“In the future, most people will live in a total surveillance state — and some of us might even like it.” capnasty Oct  3, 2013 News
Army Helicopters of the Future capnasty Oct  9, 2013 News
Climate Change: By 2047, the Coldest Year Will Be Hotter Than Any of the Hottest Years From the Past capnasty Oct 13, 2013 News
Bitcoin-Powered Autonomous Corporations capnasty Oct 22, 2013 News
Contour Crafting: 3D Printing an Entire House capnasty Oct 30, 2013 News
"The Theory of Peak Advertising and The Future of the Web" capnasty Nov  1, 2013 News
COIN: Replace Your Debit, Credit and Loyalty Cards With a Single Smart One capnasty Nov 14, 2013 News
Electric Cars With Digital Rights Management (DRM) Built into the Batteries capnasty Nov 15, 2013 News
Qubit Developed by Canadian Quantum Computing Researchers Survives a Record-Setting 39 Minutes at Room Temperature capnasty Nov 17, 2013 News
Online Classes to Make Professors Extinct capnasty Nov 28, 2013 News
This is Probably the End for the Monarch Butterfly capnasty Nov 28, 2013 News
Amazon Prime Air: Delivery of Packages Via Drones capnasty Dec  2, 2013 News
The Impact of Self-Driving Cars capnasty Dec  2, 2013 News
Tablets Replacing Waiters capnasty Dec  4, 2013 News
Norway to Digitize Every Single Norwegian Book capnasty Dec  5, 2013 News
Sheerwind: Wind Harvesters for Electrical Production capnasty Dec  5, 2013 News
"Sitting on a beach in Thailand and participating in conference in Stockholm by remote-controlling an ipad on a stick on wheels." capnasty Dec 13, 2013 News
You Can Now Get a Master Degree in Flying Unmanned Aircraft Systems capnasty Dec 14, 2013 News
3D-Printed Human Organs capnasty Dec 28, 2013 News
Electric Cars as Power Storage for the Electric Grid capnasty Jan  1, 2014 News
"People get angry at Glass. They get angry at you for wearing Glass. They just call you an asshole." capnasty Jan  2, 2014 News
Volunteers for One-Way Trip to Mars Pass 1st Cut capnasty Jan  7, 2014 News
Bitcoin Vault Offers Offline Storage Service and Insurance capnasty Jan 11, 2014 News
China Cloning 500 Pigs a Year capnasty Jan 13, 2014 News
In the Future of 'Her,' Technology Has Progressed to the Point That it Doesn't Need to Look Like Technology capnasty Jan 14, 2014 News
Google's Purchase of Nest's Smart Thermostat Could Mean an Even More Intrusive Search Giant in Our Lives capnasty Jan 16, 2014 News
Jobs Humans Will Be Replaced by Robots capnasty Jan 24, 2014 News
The Growing Violence Against Technology Firms capnasty Jan 25, 2014 News
Amazon, a Symbol of the Macro Economy "as we transition from a pre-Internet world to whatever comes next." capnasty Jan 28, 2014 News
Estonia: the Most Tech-Savvy Government in the World capnasty Jan 31, 2014 News
Monsanto Wants to Use Gene Silencing Weapons Against Insects capnasty Jan 31, 2014 News
Scentee and oPhone: Make Your Phone Smell capnasty Feb  2, 2014 News
Cryptography That Could End Software Piracy capnasty Feb  3, 2014 News
Icarus Interstellar: Website Dedicated to Starship Research and Development capnasty Feb  5, 2014 News
Bionic Hand Restores Sense of Touch capnasty Feb  7, 2014 News
Army's Logistics to be Handled by Driverless Robotic Trucks capnasty Feb  8, 2014 News
European Union Wants Police to be Able to "Remote Stop" Cars capnasty Feb 19, 2014 News
"The gun that reads James Bond's palm print in 'Skyfall' is no longer a futuristic plot twist." capnasty Feb 21, 2014 News
FiLIP: Wrist-Wearable Phone to Track Your Kids capnasty Feb 21, 2014 News
Space Elevators: "totally feasible and a really smart idea." capnasty Feb 27, 2014 News
Cloudwash: Internet Connected Washing Machine capnasty Feb 27, 2014 News
Spritz: Lets You Read 500wpm+ With Surprising Ease capnasty Mar  2, 2014 News
Pop-Up House: a Passive Dwelling With Minimal Energy Requirements capnasty Mar 17, 2014 News
The End of the Shopping Mall capnasty Mar 18, 2014 News
Google Announces Android Wearables capnasty Mar 18, 2014 News
Addicted Products: 'Internet of Things' Toaster That Gets Upset if Not Used Enough capnasty Mar 19, 2014 News
NASA: Civilization As We Know It to Collapse in a Few Decades capnasty Mar 20, 2014 News
Power Pallet: Carbon-Negative Biomass Power Generators capnasty Apr  1, 2014 News
"The practice of cryonics promises the rebirth of a younger, fitter, and not-dead you." capnasty Apr  2, 2014 News
"What was it like to see that old-fashioned building called a bank?" capnasty Apr  3, 2014 News
Glow-in-the-Dark Highway Markings capnasty Apr 11, 2014 News
Never Running Out of Fossil Fuels capnasty Apr 15, 2014 News