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Blog About a Restaurant's Salty Food, Go To Jail capnasty Jul 10, 2011 News
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Follow the Sun: When Drive-In Movie Intermissions Meets Judgement Day capnasty Jul 18, 2011 News
The Court Ruled in Her Favour and Now She Can Masturbate at Work capnasty Jul 19, 2011 News
Writing Your Name in the Sand So That It's Visible From Space capnasty Jul 27, 2011 News
GoogleMaps: Please Swim To Your Destination capnasty Jul 28, 2011 News
Turn Your Dead Grandpa Into Bullets capnasty Aug  3, 2011 News
(Severed) Hand iPhone Case capnasty Aug  8, 2011 News
Found in Gadhafi's Compound: a Photo Album Full of Condoleezza Rice Photos capnasty Aug 25, 2011 News
The Meta-Pizza: Pizza Made Out of Pizza Flavoured Junk Food capnasty Aug 29, 2011 News
Kids Sue Mother Over Birthday-Card Picking-Skills and Failed Appropriate-Gift Duties capnasty Aug 29, 2011 News
Original Star Wars Blu-Ray Release Now Features Blinking Ewoks, Among Other Things capnasty Aug 31, 2011 News
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Assuming a 2,000 Calories per Day Diet, You Could Live Off This Gummy Bear for 16 Days capnasty Nov 24, 2011 News
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Man From the Future Arrested at the Large Hadron Collider capnasty Nov 29, 2011 News
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He-Man Breakbit Music Onta Dec  5, 2011 News
Fox News: "The Muppets Are Communist" capnasty Dec  5, 2011 News
Marvel Lawyers Argue that Mutants Aren't Human capnasty Jan  5, 2012 News
Computer Pioneer Alan Turing Still Guilty for Being Gay capnasty Feb  7, 2012 News
Canadian Man Has Been Digging Out His Basement Using Only R/C Scale-Model Construction Equipment for the Last 15 Years capnasty Feb 16, 2012 News
How To Scare a Tree To Make It Give You Fruit capnasty Feb 17, 2012 News
Outsiders: Inside-Out Stuffed Animals capnasty Feb 24, 2012 News
Bulgaria's "Married With Children" capnasty Mar 31, 2012 News
Singing "Bohemian Rhapsody," Drunk, in the Back of a Police Cruiser capnasty Mar 31, 2012 News
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Genitals: It's What's For Dinner capnasty May 24, 2012 News
China Limits Numbers of Flies Per Public Toilet capnasty May 27, 2012 News
Homosexuals Don't Go to Heaven and the U.S. Government Should Kill Them All capnasty May 30, 2012 News
Ladies, Please, No Grunting on the Tennis Court capnasty Jun 29, 2012 News
Cisco's Home Routers: You Must Agree to be Spied Upon if You Want to Continue Using Their Device capnasty Jul  4, 2012 News
Chimps Build Ladder, Escape German Zoo capnasty Jul 13, 2012 News
Man With World's Biggest Penis Stopped By Airport Security capnasty Jul 20, 2012 News
How To Make Fire With Urine capnasty Jul 20, 2012 News
Chocolate Kinder Eggs Illegal in the United States, Guns Still OK capnasty Jul 22, 2012 News
Schimpf-los: a German Swearing Hotline to Blow Off Steam capnasty Jul 26, 2012 News
The Sriracha Rooster Sauce Lollipop, the Tasty Firestorm capnasty Aug  8, 2012 News
Insane Clown Posse Fans Are a Threat to America capnasty Aug 12, 2012 News
Clueless Book Authors Confuse Legit e-Book Lending Site With Piracy, Shut it Down capnasty Aug 15, 2012 News
Awkward Stock Video capnasty Aug 20, 2012 News
Train Fan Loses His Shit When Heritage Equipment Rolls By capnasty Aug 21, 2012 News
Unsettling Pictures of Mitt Romney With a Very Tiny Face capnasty Aug 24, 2012 News
'Natural Flavours': Fluid From the Sex Glands of Beavers capnasty Aug 27, 2012 News
Security Firm Now Provides 'Zombie Apocalypse' Training capnasty Sep 19, 2012 News
The Amazing #Apple iOS6 Maps capnasty Sep 21, 2012 News
Eisenhower Had Regular Meetings with Aliens capnasty Sep 28, 2012 News
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