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chernobyl.info capnasty Apr 26, 2009 News
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Earth-Sized Planet Found Near Sun-like Star capnasty Aug 25, 2010 News
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Hawking: God Unnecessary to Create Universe capnasty Sep  2, 2010 News
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Pain brain regions also active during female orgasm CoN Staff Nov 17, 2010 News
1,000 sqft secret chamber discovered in Indian National Library CoN Staff Nov 22, 2010 News
Memory is a Feature of Neurons Rather Than a Function of Brain Systems capnasty Nov 23, 2010 News
Mark Coatsworth's Guide to Code, Homebrew and Other Do-It-Yourself Experiments capnasty Nov 26, 2010 News
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Study: People View Criticisms of Their Favourite Brand as a Threat to Their Self Image capnasty Aug 19, 2011 News
Every Hour of TV You Watch Shortens Your Life by 22 Minutes capnasty Aug 19, 2011 News
High Speed Video of Pistols Firing Underwater capnasty Aug 23, 2011 News
Myth: Humans Celebrate Diversity and Respect the Point of View of Others capnasty Aug 26, 2011 News
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False Modesty and Why Smart People Don't Brag as Much capnasty Sep  1, 2011 News
When Entropy Rules: Random Boarding a Plane is The Fastest Way capnasty Sep  1, 2011 News
Republicans Against Science capnasty Sep  2, 2011 News
Time is Real, Immortality is Next and We All Live 80 Milliseconds in the Past capnasty Sep  6, 2011 News
Reprogramming White Blood Cells to Kill Cancer capnasty Sep 14, 2011 News
How Stores Prime You to Shop With Pantone 12-0752 capnasty Sep 21, 2011 News
It's Happening: Computers Can Now Visually Reconstruct Your Thoughts capnasty Sep 24, 2011 News
Fake Science capnasty Sep 26, 2011 News
Three Men Named Jesus Christ Are Sitting in a Room capnasty Sep 29, 2011 News
Schrödinger's Cat Explained in Just Under Two Minutes capnasty Sep 29, 2011 News
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Mind Controlled Slot Car Racing capnasty Nov 22, 2011 News
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Sir Isaac Newton's Books Now Available Online capnasty Dec 14, 2011 News
The Scale of the Universe: Cary Huang's Interactive Site Puts Big and Small Into Perspective capnasty Feb 13, 2012 News
Star Trek Analytic: "When Kirk 'makes contact' with an alien woman, the survival rate of red-shirts increases by 84%" capnasty Feb 15, 2012 News
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Study: Atheists More Compassionate than Religious People capnasty May  7, 2012 News
Dinosaurs' Farts: Silent but Deadly capnasty May  8, 2012 News
"Creating an HIV vaccine is like trying to fire a gun at millions of shielded, moving targets that can eat your bullets." Why We Have No Cure for AIDS capnasty May 11, 2012 News
"85% of your success comes from your human engineering skills." Intelligence is Overrated Mnemonic May 11, 2012 News
CellScope: Turn Your Smartphone Into a Microscope capnasty May 25, 2012 News
Brian Greene: "Our universe is not the only universe." capnasty May 30, 2012 News
Tomatoes Have 7,000 More Genes Than Humans capnasty Jun  4, 2012 News
A Brief History of the Penis capnasty Jun 14, 2012 News
How We Are All Related capnasty Jun 15, 2012 News
Apple Sets the Screen of Each Laptop in its Stores At Exactly the Same Angle capnasty Jun 21, 2012 News
Time is Running Out: Spanish Scientists Predict How Time Will Stop Completely capnasty Jun 22, 2012 News
Richard Dawkins: "Your Very Distant Grandfather Was a Fish." capnasty Jun 22, 2012 News
Challenges of Getting to Mars: Curiosity's Seven Minutes of Terror capnasty Jun 27, 2012 News
Study: Money Makes People Act Less Human capnasty Jul  6, 2012 News
Scientists: Now That We Found the Higgs Boson, Light-Speed Travel Possible capnasty Jul  9, 2012 News
Stephen Hawking Loses $100 Bet Over Whether the Higgs-Boson Actually Existed capnasty Jul 10, 2012 News
Relativistic Baseball: What would happen if you tried to hit a baseball pitched at 90% the speed of light? capnasty Jul 11, 2012 News
Physicists: Batman's Cape Not Safe For Gliding capnasty Jul 13, 2012 News
OMG Space: the Solar System Done to Scale, In One Big, Scrollable Website capnasty Jul 18, 2012 News
Stanford University Simulates an Entire Organism Using Software capnasty Jul 21, 2012 News
"We took a rat apart and rebuilt it as a jellyfish." capnasty Jul 25, 2012 News
The Nocebo Effect: Telling a Patient an Harmless Substance is Harmful Can Be Powerful Enough to Kill capnasty Jul 28, 2012 News
"The United States has one of the highest murder rates in the industrialized world." Diagnosing Murder capnasty Jul 31, 2012 News
Climate Scientists, Who Are Generally Reluctant to Point Fingers, Link U.S. Drought to Climate Change capnasty Aug  3, 2012 News
NASA's Curiosity Successfully Lands on Mars capnasty Aug  6, 2012 News
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Duelity: Split-Animation Showing Both Stories of Earth's Origin capnasty Aug 22, 2012 News
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Water Bears: Microscopic Organism Capable of Surviving in the Vacuum of Space capnasty Sep 19, 2012 News
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Acoustic Levitation: Using Soundwaves to Levitate Liquids capnasty Sep 19, 2012 News
The Evolution Behind Why Everything Tastes Like Chicken capnasty Sep 28, 2012 News
MIT: Tinfoil Hats Not That Good at Stopping Mind Control Rays capnasty Oct  3, 2012 News
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Tolkien Estate Bans Scientists From Calling Tiny Prehistoric Hominids 'Hobbit' capnasty Nov  1, 2012 News
A Slower Speed of Light capnasty Nov  5, 2012 News
"When someone presents a jar of God, [science] will test it." capnasty Nov  6, 2012 News
Fingerprints Remain the Same for Life capnasty Nov  6, 2012 News
How to Cook 3D Bio-Printed Meat capnasty Nov  7, 2012 News
Belly Button Biodiversity capnasty Nov 16, 2012 News
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Make it So: Interface Design Lessons from Sci-Fi capnasty Nov 26, 2012 News
"Whether in 50 or 100 or 200 years, there's a good chance that New York City will sink beneath the sea." capnasty Nov 27, 2012 News
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We Almost All Died on Tuesday capnasty Dec 12, 2012 News
Popular Mechanics' 110 Predictions For the Next 110 Years capnasty Dec 14, 2012 News
How the Colour of Tableware Affects the Perception of Food capnasty Jan  7, 2013 News
The World's Largest Scale Model of the Solar System? It's In Sweden and it's as Big as the Country Itself capnasty Jan 11, 2013 News
Science: High-School Has Corrosive, Traumatizing Effects capnasty Jan 23, 2013 News
Science Uses Puppets and Babies to Prove Humans Are Generally Good capnasty Jan 24, 2013 News
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The Centrifuge Brain Project capnasty Feb  6, 2013 News
The Cubli: Cubes That Can Jump Up and Balance capnasty Mar  1, 2013 News
Scientists Link the Brains of Two Rats capnasty Mar  4, 2013 News
Bring Back Your Dead: "scientists now have the knowledge and the tools to bring extinct species back to life." capnasty Mar  6, 2013 News
First Child and Second Person in the World to Have Been Cured of HIV capnasty Mar  6, 2013 News
African Berry With Most Intense Colour in the World Has No Actual Colour Pigmentation capnasty Mar  7, 2013 News
How To Lose the Most Amount of Weight With the Least Amount of Work capnasty Mar 12, 2013 News
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Mixing Water and Sounds capnasty Mar 15, 2013 News
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Too Much Time Bent Over a Digital Screen Makes Us Lose Our Capacity for Humanity capnasty Mar 26, 2013 News
There Is Nothing Wrong With Extinction capnasty Mar 27, 2013 News
Science: How to Get Shitty Songs Stuck in Your Head Out of It capnasty Mar 28, 2013 News
Moshpits Simulator capnasty Apr  1, 2013 News
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Study: You Should Not Stretch Before a Workout capnasty Apr  4, 2013 News
Global Warming: 1,600 Years of Ice in Andes Melted in 25 Years capnasty Apr  7, 2013 News
“Many of the most successful scientists in the world today are mathematically no more than semiliterate.” capnasty Apr  9, 2013 News
Brain-Training Games Make You Better at Playing Games “but not at anything anyone might care about in real life.” capnasty Apr 11, 2013 News
Watching Evolution in Action Using Virtual Creatures capnasty Apr 16, 2013 News
Study Indicates That Intersections and Smartphone Users Are a Bad Combination capnasty Apr 17, 2013 News
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Playing Tetris May Help Treat PTSD and Flashbacks capnasty Apr 19, 2013 News
Decoding Fish DNA to Determine When Fins Turned into Feet capnasty Apr 21, 2013 News
Parasite That Makes Mice Fearless of Cats capnasty May  2, 2013 News
IBM Makes a Stop Motion Movie Using Atoms capnasty May  3, 2013 News
Region of the Brain That Controls Ageing Discovered capnasty May  5, 2013 News
We're One Step Closer to Cloning Humans capnasty May 20, 2013 News
Scientists Recreate Conditions of Life on Earth 3 Billion Years Ago Proving RNA's Role to Life capnasty May 22, 2013 News
Small Electroshocks to the Brain Improve Arithmetic Skills capnasty May 27, 2013 News
Science: LEGO Faces Getting Angrier capnasty Jun 14, 2013 News
Menopause: an Evolutionary Result of Men’s Sexual Preferences capnasty Jun 15, 2013 News
U.S. Court Rules Human Genes Cannot Be Patented, Artificial DNA Can capnasty Jun 16, 2013 News
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Call in the Night: Experimental Radio Show That Calls You at 2 AM, Records Your Conversation and Uses it in a Podcast capnasty Jun 24, 2013 News
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Windows That Keep Sounds Out But Let the Breeze In capnasty Jul 16, 2013 News
Feeling Your Phone Vibrating When It Actually Isn't Is All Part of Healthy Brain Functions capnasty Jul 18, 2013 News
Evolution Has Made the Brain Register Rejection as Actual Physical Pain capnasty Jul 27, 2013 News
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"It's Not About Winning, It's About Getting Into the Zone": Facebook is Like Gambling capnasty Aug  4, 2013 News
Saving the Florida Orange by Altering its DNA capnasty Aug  4, 2013 News
Using Computers to Understand the Brain, in Order to Build Better Computers capnasty Aug  7, 2013 News
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Six People of Average Strength Actually Required to Tip a Sleeping Cow capnasty Sep 11, 2013 News
US Military Scientists Figure Out How to Make Things Go Viral capnasty Sep 18, 2013 News
Insect With Built-In Mechanical Gears capnasty Sep 18, 2013 News
American Study Determines that High Gun Ownership Makes a Country Less Safe capnasty Sep 19, 2013 News
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Visit CERN With Google Street View capnasty Oct  3, 2013 News
Canadian Researchers Develop Cheap, Spray-On Solar Cells capnasty Oct  7, 2013 News
Researchers Pass Crucial Milestone to Reach Self-Sustaining Nuclear Fusion capnasty Oct  7, 2013 News
Lonely Planet Found Not Orbiting a Star capnasty Oct 11, 2013 News
Women Rarely Commit Murder, But When They Do, It's Far More Creative Than Men capnasty Oct 11, 2013 News
Study Concludes that Chewing Makes Advertising Ineffective capnasty Oct 14, 2013 News
If You Want People to Trust You, Apologize for the Rain capnasty Oct 22, 2013 News
The Milky Way Contains Billions of Potentially Habitable Planets capnasty Nov  6, 2013 News
Qubit Developed by Canadian Quantum Computing Researchers Survives a Record-Setting 39 Minutes at Room Temperature capnasty Nov 17, 2013 News
Making Weapons Out of Stuff You Can Buy in the Airport, After You Go Through Security capnasty Dec  5, 2013 News
Simulations Seem to Indicate that the Universe is an Hologram capnasty Dec 12, 2013 News
How to Burst the Filter Bubble capnasty Dec 12, 2013 News
Duplicating Nature's Million-Year Process of Creating Crude Oil Down to Minutes in the Lab capnasty Dec 18, 2013 News
Object Levitation Using Sound capnasty Jan  3, 2014 News
Academic Paper Tries to Track Down Time Travellers Using the Internet capnasty Jan  4, 2014 News
TED Talk on What's Wrong with TED Talks capnasty Jan  7, 2014 News
China Cloning 500 Pigs a Year capnasty Jan 13, 2014 News
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Why the Solar System is Flat capnasty Jan 14, 2014 News
"Language used in online fundraising hold surprisingly predictive power about the success of such campaign." capnasty Jan 15, 2014 News
"Under certain conditions, matter inexorably acquires the key physical attribute associated with life." capnasty Jan 23, 2014 News
Brains of the Elderly Are Slower Due to Massive Amount of Information Stored capnasty Jan 25, 2014 News
Researchers Create Embryonic-Like Stem Cells Out of Regular Skin or Blood Cells capnasty Jan 29, 2014 News
Bionic Hand Restores Sense of Touch capnasty Feb  7, 2014 News
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How to Make Yourself Do What Needs to Be Done When You Really Don't Want To capnasty Feb 24, 2014 News
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30,000 Year Old Giant Virus Found Frozen in Siberia, Still Works capnasty Mar  4, 2014 News
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"Graphene is one of the few materials in the world that is transparent, conductive and flexible -- all at the same time." capnasty Apr 21, 2014 News