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Dotklok: the Open-Source Pong-Playing Multi-Animated Digital Clock capnasty Jan  1, 2011 News
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Steve Jobs Takes Medical Leave; Meanwhile In His Factories People Are Worked Until They Drop Dead capnasty Jan 17, 2011 News
Star Trek's Universal Translator is Coming Le Brunette Smurfette Jan 18, 2011 News
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3D Doesn't Work With Our Brains and Never Will. Case Closed capnasty Jan 26, 2011 News
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England Testing Holographic Employees capnasty Feb  8, 2011 News
iPhone As a Confessional: the 'Confess Your Sins' App capnasty Feb  9, 2011 News
Carboard USB Flash Drives capnasty Mar  1, 2011 News
Camouflage Your Face from Detection capnasty Mar  4, 2011 News
Turn Your Pee into Electric Power capnasty Mar  6, 2011 News
Google-Cars Drive Themselves Like Formula 1 Race Cars capnasty Mar  9, 2011 News
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Quadrocopters Playing Tennis capnasty Mar 31, 2011 News
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Microsoft Building the Holodeck capnasty Jan 17, 2012 News
"For a whole generation, it's part of the infrastructure of the world." Jimmy Wales on Wikipedia capnasty Jan 20, 2012 News
Predictions for 2112: Ocean Farming, Telepathy, Immortality capnasty Jan 23, 2012 News
More iPhones Are Sold Than Babies Born in the World Every Day capnasty Jan 25, 2012 News
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Digitals: a Short Musical About Communication Overload in the Digital Age capnasty Feb  2, 2012 News
Made in China: 30-Story Prefab Skyscraper Built in 15 Days capnasty Feb 12, 2012 News
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i'm Watch: The World's First Real Smartwatch capnasty Feb 23, 2012 News
U.S. Navy Makes Rail Guns a Reality capnasty Feb 29, 2012 News
An Edible Silk Sensors That Tells You if Food is Consumable or Has Gone Bad capnasty Mar  1, 2012 News
Robot Quadcopters Perform the James Bond Theme All by Themselves capnasty Mar  1, 2012 News
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A Day Made of Glass: Corning's Vision of the Future capnasty Mar  5, 2012 News
No Matter What You Think of Apple, the iPad is Changing Our World capnasty Mar  8, 2012 News
Japanese Develop Non-Lethal Gun to Shut You Up capnasty Mar 12, 2012 News
Another Victim of the Internet: Paper. No, For Real This Time capnasty Mar 21, 2012 News
Eye-Fi: Memory Card With Built-in WiFi Capabilities capnasty Mar 21, 2012 News
Password-Free Authentication, Google Drive and Google Street View of the Amazon capnasty Mar 28, 2012 News
The Tricorder Project: Building a Working Tricorder for the Masses capnasty Mar 29, 2012 News
Google's Project Glass: Augmented Reality Eyeglasses capnasty Apr  4, 2012 News
Jack Tramiel, Creator of the Commodore 64, Dies at 83 capnasty Apr 10, 2012 News
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Bitponics: Control Your Garden from Your Computer capnasty Jun  7, 2012 News
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Deep Analytics: How Your E-Reader is Reading You capnasty Jul  5, 2012 News
Siemens' eHighway: "a cross breed between a freight tram and an electric lorry." capnasty Jul 19, 2012 News
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Alexandros Stasinopoulos' Windows Smartphone Concept capnasty Sep 23, 2012 News
82% of U.K. 5-Year-Olds Use an Internet Device capnasty Oct  3, 2012 News
"There are far more people making a living as professional chess players than ever before." capnasty Oct  5, 2012 News
The Wiki Weapon: a Gun You Can Download, Print, Shoot capnasty Oct  9, 2012 News
Acoustic Barcodes: Passive, Durable and Inexpensive Notched Identification Tags capnasty Oct 15, 2012 News
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Architecture, According to Apple capnasty Oct 21, 2012 News
IBM Develops Even Smaller Microprocessors Using Carbon Nanotubes capnasty Oct 29, 2012 News
iPad Rocking Chair Charges Your iPad While it Rocks capnasty Nov  7, 2012 News
The Vibrative Virtual Keyboard, Type Using Vibrations capnasty Nov 15, 2012 News
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Syrian Opposition Army Builds Themselves a Tank, Controls It Like a Playstation Game capnasty Dec 17, 2012 News
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Burrito Bomber: Flying Drone Delivers Burritos Like Smart Bombs capnasty Dec 30, 2012 News
NASA's Next Generation Space Engines Tested for 5 Years Straight capnasty Dec 31, 2012 News
"We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters." capnasty Jan 15, 2013 News
Phones Won't Take a Plane Down, So Why Do They Need to Be Off? capnasty Jan 16, 2013 News
Glasses to Make the Wearer Invisible to Facial Recognition Technology capnasty Jan 25, 2013 News
Apple's Internal Audit Reveals 106 Children Employed at 11 Factories Were Making Its Products Last Year capnasty Jan 27, 2013 News
ASB GlassFloor: Glass Surface With Embedded LEDs to Create Programmable Marking Lines capnasty Jan 28, 2013 News
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Automatic: Link Your Car’s Data Port to Your Smartphone capnasty Mar 14, 2013 News
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The Smartphone of the Future May Use Sapphire Glass capnasty Mar 21, 2013 News
3D Cooking Simulator capnasty Mar 29, 2013 News
Computer Chip Implant to Help the Obese Restrict Appetite in a Natural Way capnasty Mar 30, 2013 News
Operating System Alternatives to Android, Apple’s iOS and Microsoft Windows Phones capnasty Apr  1, 2013 News
Wearable Ultra-Thin Stamp-On Circuits on Your Skin capnasty Apr  1, 2013 News
Festo’s BionicOpter: Dragonfly-Inspired Remote-Controlled Copter capnasty Apr  2, 2013 News
Everything You Need for Testing DNA, In 1 Hour, in Less Than Half the Size of a Business Card capnasty Apr  9, 2013 News
Some of the World's Oldest Computers Still in Use Today capnasty Apr 18, 2013 News
40 Years Ago This Month: the First Cellphone Call Was Made capnasty Apr 23, 2013 News
Credit Card Data Can Be Easily Stolen With a Smartphone capnasty Apr 25, 2013 News
BitTorrent's Alternative to Dropbox Goes Public capnasty Apr 25, 2013 News
New LED Streetlamp to Reduce Light Pollution capnasty Apr 26, 2013 News
IBM Makes a Stop Motion Movie Using Atoms capnasty May  3, 2013 News
Los Alamos National Labs Has Been Running a Quantum Internet for 2 Years capnasty May  8, 2013 News
Project Longhaul: an Engagement Ring That Glows capnasty Jun  5, 2013 News
LiveMap: Motorbike Helmet with Navigation capnasty Jun 27, 2013 News
Windows That Keep Sounds Out But Let the Breeze In capnasty Jul 16, 2013 News
"I resisted the Poltergeist-like temptation to turn the television on as well": Hacking a 'Smart Home' capnasty Jul 31, 2013 News
Japanese Electronic Toilets Can Be Hacked capnasty Aug  6, 2013 News
Petzila: Device Allows You to Chat With Your Pet and Give it Treats capnasty Aug 19, 2013 News
Documentary from the 60s on the Apollo Guidance Computer capnasty Aug 23, 2013 News
Samsung Introduces Dick Tracy's Watch capnasty Sep  5, 2013 News
WIT: Bringing Natural Language Interaction to Apps capnasty Sep 13, 2013 News
Mind-Operated Bionic Leg capnasty Sep 26, 2013 News
Satisfries: Burger King Introduces Less Fattening Fries That Took a Decade to Develop capnasty Sep 26, 2013 News
senseFly's eBee: Aerial Photography Drone capnasty Oct  8, 2013 News
USS Zumwalt: U.S. Navy's Stealth Warship Powered by Linux capnasty Oct 21, 2013 News
25 Percent of Young Adults Aged 18-24 Walk a Mere 5 Minutes a Day Because of Technology capnasty Oct 21, 2013 News
Silicon Valley Wants to Secede from the United States capnasty Oct 25, 2013 News
"The reason we are not buying PCs anymore is because those we have are already pretty amazing." capnasty Oct 27, 2013 News
Born-to-Die: Electronic Devices Designed to 'Self-Destruct' in Contact With Water capnasty Oct 27, 2013 News
Contour Crafting: 3D Printing an Entire House capnasty Oct 30, 2013 News
Fully Functional Electrical Circuits Made Using an Inkjet-Based Printer capnasty Nov  9, 2013 News
Bleep Bleeps: Gadgets to Help Make Parenting Easier capnasty Nov 12, 2013 News
Doctors Perform Virtual Surgery Using Google Glass capnasty Nov 12, 2013 News
Electric Cars With Digital Rights Management (DRM) Built into the Batteries capnasty Nov 15, 2013 News
Clambook: Smartphone Powered Laptop capnasty Nov 18, 2013 News
When You Buy a Tablet from Google and Apple, You Are Getting Ripped Off capnasty Nov 20, 2013 News
Tesla Puts its Cars Catching Fire in Perspective capnasty Nov 20, 2013 News
Titan-Arm: Powered, Upper-Body Exoskeleton for Augmented Strength capnasty Nov 25, 2013 News
Safeplug: Anonymous Web Browsing Appliance capnasty Nov 28, 2013 News
Jolla: From Finland, Beautiful Smartphone on a Completely Open Platform #JollaLoveDay capnasty Nov 29, 2013 News
Pre-Order Your Cold Fusion Reactor capnasty Nov 29, 2013 News
The Engineer's Emergency Kit Business Card capnasty Dec  1, 2013 News
"When doctors use their knowledge for torture, society is outraged. Why don't the same standards apply to engineers?" capnasty Dec  6, 2013 News
SkyJack: Drone That Seeks, Hacks and Takes Over Other Drones, Turning Them Into Zombies capnasty Dec  6, 2013 News
Infographic Explains the Origins of User Interface Symbols We Commonly See capnasty Dec  8, 2013 News
1,200 Year Old Telephone capnasty Dec 10, 2013 News
"Sitting on a beach in Thailand and participating in conference in Stockholm by remote-controlling an ipad on a stick on wheels." capnasty Dec 13, 2013 News
Smarty Ring: Stainless Steel Ring With LED Display to Control Your Smartphone and See Notifications capnasty Dec 13, 2013 News
Electric Cars as Power Storage for the Electric Grid capnasty Jan  1, 2014 News
"People get angry at Glass. They get angry at you for wearing Glass. They just call you an asshole." capnasty Jan  2, 2014 News
"This is an engineering approach to fusion and they are in a hurry." capnasty Jan  2, 2014 News
University Develops System to Vote Using Tablets and Smartphones capnasty Jan  6, 2014 News
"Groundbreaking innovations may not be possible for TVs these days." capnasty Jan  8, 2014 News
The Tech Sector is Just as Bad as Bankers and Oilmen capnasty Jan  8, 2014 News
ChefJet: 3D Printers for the Kitchen capnasty Jan 10, 2014 News
Bitcoin Vault Offers Offline Storage Service and Insurance capnasty Jan 11, 2014 News
Homemade Tablet Built Using Linux and a Raspberry Pi capnasty Jan 14, 2014 News
In the Future of 'Her,' Technology Has Progressed to the Point That it Doesn't Need to Look Like Technology capnasty Jan 14, 2014 News
Device Allows the Blind to Taste What We See capnasty Jan 15, 2014 News
#Blackphone: Smartphone That Focuses on User's Privacy and Control capnasty Jan 16, 2014 News
Google's Purchase of Nest's Smart Thermostat Could Mean an Even More Intrusive Search Giant in Our Lives capnasty Jan 16, 2014 News
Silicon Valley Tries to Stop Tax Loopholes From Being Closed capnasty Jan 21, 2014 News
Hacked Refrigerator Was Sending Out Malicious Emails capnasty Jan 21, 2014 News
The Growing Violence Against Technology Firms capnasty Jan 25, 2014 News
Plastic Bags Can Be Converted into Car Fuel capnasty Jan 30, 2014 News
Estonia: the Most Tech-Savvy Government in the World capnasty Jan 31, 2014 News
Monsanto Wants to Use Gene Silencing Weapons Against Insects capnasty Jan 31, 2014 News
Scentee and oPhone: Make Your Phone Smell capnasty Feb  2, 2014 News
Our Love for Tablets is Dying capnasty Feb  7, 2014 News
Study: Kids Can Use Tablets Before They Can Tie Their Own Shoes capnasty Feb 10, 2014 News
First Porn Shot on Google Glass capnasty Feb 19, 2014 News
US Navy to Deploy Laser Weapons on Its Ships capnasty Feb 19, 2014 News
European Union Wants Police to be Able to "Remote Stop" Cars capnasty Feb 19, 2014 News
Redesigning Touch Screen Controls in Cars capnasty Feb 20, 2014 News
"The gun that reads James Bond's palm print in 'Skyfall' is no longer a futuristic plot twist." capnasty Feb 21, 2014 News
FiLIP: Wrist-Wearable Phone to Track Your Kids capnasty Feb 21, 2014 News
$25 Smartphone capnasty Feb 24, 2014 News
Dual-Lens Smartphone Cameras Are Coming capnasty Feb 27, 2014 News
Cloudwash: Internet Connected Washing Machine capnasty Feb 27, 2014 News
Apps Are Beginning to Automate and Outsource Our Humanity capnasty Feb 28, 2014 News
XTouch: Make Any Surface Tap Sensitive capnasty Feb 28, 2014 News
Boeing Black: Android-Powered Self-Destructing Smartphone for Spies capnasty Mar  1, 2014 News
Spritz: Lets You Read 500wpm+ With Surprising Ease capnasty Mar  2, 2014 News
On Liking Windows 8's Interface capnasty Mar  3, 2014 News
DRM Now On Keurig Coffee Makers capnasty Mar  3, 2014 News
"The Australian government is developing technology that will deorbit small bits of space debris with ground-based lasers." capnasty Mar  8, 2014 News
50-Cent Microscope You Can Print capnasty Mar 11, 2014 News
#eatthetweet: Custom Made Oreos at SXSW capnasty Mar 11, 2014 News
Squirt: Speed Read on the Web capnasty Mar 12, 2014 News
The Swiss Millennium-Measuring $400,000 Pocket Watch Explained capnasty Mar 14, 2014 News
Pop-Up House: a Passive Dwelling With Minimal Energy Requirements capnasty Mar 17, 2014 News
Google Announces Android Wearables capnasty Mar 18, 2014 News
Goodbye Microwave Oven, and Thanks for All the Popcorn capnasty Mar 21, 2014 News
Snowden's Revelations Hurting the Profits of American Tech Companies capnasty Mar 24, 2014 News
"Putin, by his own admission, does not have a cell phone for the Americans to tap." capnasty Mar 26, 2014 News
RoomScan: Generate a Floor Plan With Your Smartphone in Minutes capnasty Mar 27, 2014 News
Google Wants to Make Glass Cool, Teams With Ray Ban, Oakley capnasty Mar 27, 2014 News
"Ink is two times more expensive than French perfume by volume." capnasty Mar 29, 2014 News
Power Pallet: Carbon-Negative Biomass Power Generators capnasty Apr  1, 2014 News
There is No Choice But to Use Coal capnasty Apr  2, 2014 News
"The practice of cryonics promises the rebirth of a younger, fitter, and not-dead you." capnasty Apr  2, 2014 News
What Siri Does to Children capnasty Apr  4, 2014 News
Watch Your Privacy: Google Glass App Tells You Where Surveillance Cameras Are capnasty Apr 13, 2014 News
Autopen: the Killer App of 1937 capnasty Apr 14, 2014 News
Warka Water: Tower Can Provide Water Out of Thin Air capnasty Apr 14, 2014 News
Technological Transreligion and the Singularity capnasty Apr 18, 2014 News