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High School Sucks, Then It Doesn't Matter 292 visits

By Lord Lansdowne posted on Apr 4, 2014, 22:31 EDT

Recently, one of my Facebook "friends" added me to a secret group for our high school. The group was meant to reconnect alumni that hadn't touched base with each other in almost two decades. Despite this forum having been created by one of the bullies that tormented me during that time, I stayed long enough to lurk around and see what was going on. Wouldn't you be curious? I was.

Everything I Need to Know About Morality I Learned From Star Trek 257 visits

By Drew Costen posted on Mar 30, 2014, 10:00 EDT

I’m going to let you in on a secret.

The best source of morality generally can’t be found in a church. Likewise, you won’t learn how to be the best person you can be in the Bible.

The Old Lady at the Grocery Store 10 visits

By Leo N. posted on Mar 29, 2014, 0:58 EDT

The Metro near my house is 24-hours. I often go there late at night to grab last minute supplies. There’s always an homeless old lady who spends the night in the store’s lobby. She’s tucked away so as to not disturb anyone. I see her often and I never say anything to her. Tonight I did.


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Why Guys Don't Call... 306881 visits

By Dee S. posted on Aug 24, 1998, 2:00 EDT

Why men don't call? This question is asked by thousand of women as they stand patiently by the phone waiting from a call from their respective partners. Well, from my personal perspective I believe it's an issue of commitment. Once they have passed the first stage of being all lovey-dovey with us, they see no more need of picking up the phone and calling us like they used to.

Crack Manual 62094 visits

By Filibuster Jones posted on Sep 12, 2000, 2:00 EDT

The first thing I have to tell you about crack, is that it's expensive. It's as expensive as it looks like it is on tv, and in the movies. Don't get into the game unless you've got the bank roll to play. If you don't have a high paying job, like I fortunately do, don't start. Stick with cigarettes. They're healthier for you anyways. Plus they don't cause blisters.

Anime Sucks! 13383 visits

By Lord "I'm Not Bitter" Lansdowne posted on Nov 17, 1999, 5:00 EST

I hate anime`. I was raised with anime`, and next to a dubbed version of Rocket Robin Hood, anime` was the next best thing to that and a giant enema. I don't know if it's a common thing in Europe, but in Italy, even now, you flip on the channel and you can find re-runs of all the blasted anime` cartoons that I had to endure.

How to Avoid Jury Duty 12268 visits

By Brian Newman posted on Jan 11, 1999, 4:00 EST

Living in modern society has its price, and Jury Duty is simply a part of that cost. Should you feel that the cost is too high, should you wish to avoid the burden, the following tells you the best way to escape.

How to Get Rid of a Body 9024 visits

By Lord Lansdowne posted on May 26, 1998, 2:00 EDT

It happens, once in a while, that you end up with a fresh dead body. Or corpse to be more precise. And you'll notice that the very first question that always comes to mind is not "who is this guy?" or "how did he die?" but more likely "how do I get rid of it?"

Top 10 Reasons Men Are Scum 8375 visits

By Samantha posted on Apr 1, 1999, 1:00 EST

I wrote this list on a day when I was particularly mad with my boyfriend. Originally, it offended him, but eventually most guys I know confessed to the fact that it's all true. As for the girls, they agreed.

How to Drive Home Drunk 7389 visits

By Brian Newman posted on Jun 24, 2002, 4:00 EDT

Drunk driving is the major sin of the decade. The police are out to catch you, the courts are out to punish you, and public disapproval is at a media intensified all time high, but people still do it. And with good reason, too. Some people get completely smashed and then have the balls to drive home.

Nice Guys Finish Last 5904 visits

By Jester posted on May 13, 2002, 2:00 EDT

You know the Nice Guy. He's kind, he's sensitive, he respects women. He doesn't think solely with his cock. He's madly in love with the Nice Girl, and is in state of limbo, waiting for the day when she realizes Nice Guy is the one for her. In the meanwhile, it means being alone on Saturday nights, trying to remember what sex feels like, and wondering why you try so hard to be nice yet never get rewarded for it. Will there come a day when you're more than just a “good friend?”

Why They Don't Call 5769 visits

By REVSCRJ posted on Feb 1, 2005, 2:00 EST

So I am sitting here in front of the computer staring at the screen thinking things like:

"Because they have the attention spans of a fruit fly."

Really boring books (You have to read anyway): Silmarillion 5053 visits

By David Dylan posted on Feb 25, 2010, 17:42 EST

There are some books that will bore you to tears. Books that are a waste of time just sitting there on the shelf. But you have to read them, because they are relevant, or because they help you understand things, or because just because. This series of articles looks at some of these books. This instalment: Silmarillion

The Median

How to Build your own Trebuchet 3341 visits

By Rolo posted on Dec 6, 2004, 2:00 EST (4188)

We all started to watch and also feel summer wane all around us and headed to our friend's cottage for good times, relax and spend an afternoon building a trebuchet using a whole lot of twine!

Least Loved

The Old Lady at the Grocery Store 10 visits

By Leo N. posted on Mar 29, 2014, 0:58 EDT

The Metro near my house is 24-hours. I often go there late at night to grab last minute supplies. There’s always an homeless old lady who spends the night in the store’s lobby. She’s tucked away so as to not disturb anyone. I see her often and I never say anything to her. Tonight I did.

Basil Baxter goes to a movie premiere 41 visits

By Basil Baxter posted on Nov 6, 2009, 15:15 EST

Outside throngs of kiddies, accompanied by parents with visibly frayed nerves (as is always the case whenever large packs of toddlers gather) were waiting in the pale sunshine. Large signs proclaimed that there was to be a movie premiere. This was just perfect. Basil Baxter loves movie premieres. He loves any reason for crowds to gather.

Basil Baxter pours a new driveway 42 visits

By Basil Baxter posted on Oct 9, 2009, 13:50 EDT

It was early in the morning. Outside the birds sang. It was going to be a sunny spring day. Basil had just disconnected a phone call from the contractor; his cement truck was due to arrive in three hours. He sat down to finish his breakfast. (Kitten with pancakes and syrup.)

Basil Baxter dances with the children 45 visits

By Basil Baxter posted on Oct 30, 2009, 15:03 EDT

Today's event would be an exceptionally good one. Having all but completely depleted the sordid pool of muck that is TV-formats that end with "with the stars", the TV production company had moved on to "with the children". Basil Baxter can think of many things to do that involve children. Mostly it also involves either killing them or recruiting them as assassins.

Basil Baxter goes to a concert 45 visits

By Basil Baxter posted on Oct 16, 2009, 14:26 EDT

There was a long line at the venue. Fortunately Basil had had the foresight to arrange backstage passes so he whistled a little tune as he nonchalantly sauntered past the waiting throng to the VIP entrance. His passes were all-access and one special one that would give him dressing-room access.


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