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Rice Burner Hall of Shame

Mon, April 29th, 2002 01:28 by capnasty

The stereotype of the Rice-Boy is that he can easily be identified by his vehicle. He's the one that takes his car, (usually a stock…


Oh. Yeah.

Sun, April 28th, 2002 22:59 by capnasty

ooh aah ooh aah aha ooh aah ooh aah ooh aah ooh aah ooh aah ooh aah ooh aah ooh aah ooh aah ooh aah…



Sun, April 28th, 2002 15:09 by capnasty

My eyes! Argghhh!! MY EYES!!!


The Real Thing (Didn't Bark Before)

Sun, April 28th, 2002 02:18 by capnasty

Soccer fans attending the World Cup at South Korea's Sangam Stadium will have a chance to try free samples of local culinary delicacies."We plan to…


Guide to Sex for Large Couples

Sat, April 27th, 2002 13:42 by capnasty

"Some men swear that the sensation of having the penis fondled by a woman's cleavage is the closest thing to heaven on earth," says Dr.…


Your Daily Misfortune

Fri, April 26th, 2002 01:43 by capnasty

If your day is too bright? Have a little misfortune mailed to you on a daily basis. It's all downhill from there.


Mission Statement Generator

Thu, April 25th, 2002 01:43 by capnasty

If your mission statements need high energy payoffs, with synergetic wording that will let it come out of the box, so that you may continue…


Apple promotes Godless Darwinism and Communism

Mon, April 22nd, 2002 14:25 by capnasty

Dr. Richard Paley, a teacher of Divinity and Theobiology at Fellowship University, has discovered that Macs are truly the work of Satan. "The real operating…


"mmmm... jizznuts... jiiiiizzznuuuutsss"

Sun, April 21st, 2002 19:08 by capnasty

Working at a coffee shop filled with nasty customers? Then what better way to get back at them by ejaculating in the donuts' batter several…


How to Suck Less

Sat, April 20th, 2002 14:28 by capnasty

"Over the course of the past several months, it has come to my attention that the vast majority of you people suck," says Defect on…


All About My Vagina

Sat, April 20th, 2002 01:48 by capnasty

In case you had one and didn't know what to do with it.



Sat, April 20th, 2002 01:47 by capnasty

Not just for men anymore.


The Morally Insensitive Shirts

Fri, April 19th, 2002 07:03 by capnasty

From the School Shooting Tour, down to your love for New York City, the perfect apparel for the horribily insensitive friend.


How to Cast out Demons in the Name of Jesus

Fri, April 19th, 2002 01:14 by capnasty

Stuck with a friend who is possessed by Satan and you don't know what to do? Fear not. Thanks to the power of the Internet,…


Political Compass

Fri, April 19th, 2002 00:08 by capnasty

Ever wondered what your real political tendencies are? With the Political Compass test you can determine if you're the next Gandhi, Hitler or Margaret Thatcher.


LOL - Loser OnLine!

Thu, April 18th, 2002 17:31 by capnasty

If you end every sentence you write with LOL, be sure to buy one of these t-shirts.Not only will you stand out from the average…


The Most Innovative Patent Yet!

Wed, April 17th, 2002 15:09 by capnasty

There are some odd things in the U.S. Patent Office, which while they could definitely make you raise a questioning eyebrow, you could almost understand.…


Satan People All Worship!

Wed, April 17th, 2002 13:17 by capnasty

Ever wondered what some songs are really telling you? With the amazing use of backtracking, now you can find out as well what Michael Jackson…


The Idiot's Guide to Nuclear Weapons

Tue, April 16th, 2002 21:04 by capnasty

United Kingdom's Ministry of Defence (MoD) is checking whether the allegations that a detailed guide on how to build a nuclear weapon, has been available…


Female or Shemale?

Tue, April 16th, 2002 20:57 by capnasty

Out for the night, looking for action? Before you do that, play this game to tune your shemale uncovering sensors. Or the only game you'll…