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“A fierce debate has erupted in Silicon Valley over whether large technology companies [...] should join forces with the United States military.”

A brief history of Napalm

Mon, March 4th, 2019 08:51 by capnasty

Albeit a military contract may look profitable to tech giants, the New York Times warns what happened to Dow Chemical when it created napalm. Dow…


“The life of cartoon characters facing reality long after the prime of their heyday.”

Where Are They Now

Sun, March 3rd, 2019 13:18 by capnasty

Depressing and hilarious — especially seeing Optimus Prime flipping burgers — this short animated film by steve Cutts explains what all our favourite 80s cartoon…


Complex Rube Goldberg on Two Tables

Blue Marble 3

Sat, March 2nd, 2019 12:48 by capnasty

Kaplamino has released the third in his Blue Marble series, this time on two tables. All the details of what this one involved are here.…


“The 'last mile' to the home accounts for 50 percent or more of total package delivery costs.”

FedEx delivery robot

Fri, March 1st, 2019 12:34 by capnasty

According to Reuters, FedEx is testing delivery robots with various retail partners in order to slash costs on the most expensive part of a delivery:…


“Give a guy who makes $1 million an extra thousand and he’ll barely notice it.”

Raising taxes on the ultra-rich, again

Thu, February 28th, 2019 12:14 by capnasty

On Scientific American John Horgan argues in favour of raising taxes on the rich back to 1980s levels as a mean to counter the growing…


“The system takes a lot of friction out of interactions between customers and employees.”

Artificial Intelligence will take your order now

Wed, February 27th, 2019 09:57 by capnasty

According to the Washington Post, Good Times Burgers & Frozen Custard is now employing an artificial intelligence voice assistant capable of manning the drive through…


“A shopping street in front of a train station.”

Building a Japanese diorama

Tue, February 26th, 2019 11:02 by capnasty

Japanese YouTube channel HMS2 takes a simple piece of styrofoam and some ready-made plastic kits and turns them into a convincing scene somewhere in Japan.…


Building a 1/48 scale Douglas DC-3

Plastic model build up videos

Mon, February 25th, 2019 11:58 by capnasty

YouTube channel PLASMO has some fun to watch videos on building plastic models at quite the professional level.


“The obsession with digital errors in Google Books.”

The Art of Google Books

Sun, February 24th, 2019 13:48 by capnasty

The New Yorker brings to attention The Art of Google Books, a collection of the analogue imperfections found in paper books scanned by Google, as…


“How did different tooth replacement strategies evolve?”

Growing new sets of teeth

Sat, February 23rd, 2019 12:17 by capnasty

Eureka Alert notes that while fish and lizards have multiple sets of teeth during their lifetime, most mammals have two with mice having only one.…


“That is actually not the way the world has worked for most of human history.”

Billionaire warlords: Why the future is medieval

Fri, February 22nd, 2019 14:53 by capnasty

In this Big Think video, Sean McFate explains how the State as a political superpower is coming to an end and how the world is…


“The Reality of Building Fantasy.”

Neuschwanstein Castle

Thu, February 21st, 2019 12:21 by capnasty

The B1M has a mini documentary on what it took to build the Neuschwanstein castle, a pet project for King Ludwig II of Bavaria, who…


“Systemd is, to put it mildly, controversial.”

The Tragedy of SystemD

Wed, February 20th, 2019 11:58 by capnasty

If you have lived through the change to systemd you may have seen the rather unpleasant responses the community shot back to the developers. Benno…


“If you’re dating, you’re going to be let down. You’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea.”

Bad Date Bot

Mon, February 18th, 2019 12:23 by capnasty

If you need to end a relationship via text message, Quartz is here to help with their Bad Date Bot, which will coach you on…


“A low flyover of Jupiter's moon Europa.”


Sun, February 17th, 2019 09:02 by capnasty

Using multiple image sets pieced together, NASA's Kevin Gill has put together a low flyover of Jupiter's moon Europa. A low flyover of Jupiter's moon…


“A sophisticated global marketing strategy from an industry that is desperate to attract new smokers.”

How big tobacco uses social media to promote smoking via influencers

Sat, February 16th, 2019 13:43 by capnasty

According to Dazed, tobacco companies have been using influencers on social media to covertly promote smoking in order to attract a new generation of smokers.…


“How this religious holiday became the rampant, love-fuelled corp-fest.”

Valentine's day

Fri, February 15th, 2019 11:10 by capnasty

Since every holiday has become an excuse for corporations to capitalise upon, Tomorrow/Today Videos explains how Valentine's Day became so commercialised. Ever wondered how this…


“The Amazon Dash button for horny men and women who don’t feel comfortable telling their partner they’d like to have sex.”


Thu, February 14th, 2019 08:57 by capnasty

The Verge brings to attention Love Sync, buttons you tap discreetly to let your partner know you are in the mood for sex if telling…


Testing Whether the Earth is Round or Flat

Using a bicycle and two sticks.

Tue, February 12th, 2019 11:39 by capnasty

Scientist Kurtis Baute proves the earth is round using nothing more than a bicycle, two sticks, and Canada. The scientific method is an incredible thing.…


“Make all videos fun to watch.”

Laff track

Mon, February 11th, 2019 10:44 by capnasty

Make every YouTube video more fun to watch with this Chrome-only (sad face) plug-in that adds a laugh-track to any video. Our project Laff track…