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News Peak: Toronto cities vote to hold nonbinding referenda

Mon, January 20th, 1997 02:00 by capnasty

The seven municipalities that makeup Metropolitan Toronto have resolved to hold referenda on the whether the Province of Ontario should amalgamate the seven cities into…


Readers Letters

Mon, January 20th, 1997 01:00 by capnasty

A. MMF SpamsDate sent: Fri, 17 Jan 1997 13:22:52 +0000To: Leo N.From: Gard Eggesboe AbrahamsenSubject: MMF spams> fact 4) It is legal since you are…



Mon, January 13th, 1997 04:00 by capnasty

[Every Monday I post CoN in alt.ezines, in the hopes to get a larger coverage and to gain more readers. Sometimes it works.I noticed lately…


Pick up lines

Mon, January 13th, 1997 03:00 by Sandra M. Pereira

Pick-up lines heard round the world and what you could say back to them... I know how to please a woman. Then please leave me…


Paper, Prophets and Propaganda

Mon, January 13th, 1997 02:00 by capnasty

They're seen just about everywhere, but they are often ignored--posters,pamphlets or scraps of paper from some religious or political group that forecasts the end of…


The Electronic Media Competition

Mon, January 13th, 1997 01:00 by capnasty

With the beginning of 1997, we started questioning the quality and originality of CoN. To get an idea of what to change, or how to…



Mon, January 6th, 1997 04:00 by capnasty

Online computer users often engage in what is affectionately known as "cybersex". Often the fantasies typed into keyboards and shared through Internet phone lines get…


Mars Attacks!

Mon, January 6th, 1997 03:00 by Peter Sprokkelenberg

Classic.That exactly what this movie is, a classic demonstration of Tim Burtons expertise. He is a genius.All the main actors (except for Tom Jones -damn!)…


Top Ten Star Trek Episodes With Vile Q Puns Just Waiting to Happen

Mon, January 6th, 1997 02:00 by Jester

Almost all of the Star Trek episodes that feature Q has some sort of pun, such as "Q-Pid" or "Deja-Q." Some of them cute, others…


Welcome Back

Mon, January 6th, 1997 01:00 by capnasty

And so here is the year 1997, and CoN starts again from Issue I but this time from Volume II. While the new year brings…


Ten Video Game Marketer's Golden Rules

Mon, December 2nd, 1996 00:01 by Marco Tabini

Okay. The game has been delayed for three years and now its technology is out of date. The Full Motion Video sequences make porno movies…


There's A Hole in the Space/Time Continuum

Mon, November 18th, 1996 00:06 by Jester

There's a hole in the Space/Time Continuum Dear Liza, dear Liza.There's a hole in the Space/Time ContinuumDear Liza, dear Liza.There's a hole in the Space/Time…


Project: Build your own A-Bomb

how to create a nuclear device

Thu, September 5th, 1996 23:56 by GotW

IntroductionAll over the world problems have occurred when the United States supreme court, prohibited publication from some famous magazines, because they contained instructions on how…


How To Terrorize An Ice Cream Parlor

The Advanced Tutorial

Sun, August 18th, 1996 23:46 by GotW

Back in the infancy of GotW, our beloved leader published Group of the Week Number 1, "How To Terrorize An Ice Cream Parlor". This in…


How to take over the world with 10 bucks

Fri, August 9th, 1996 12:34 by GotW

You're bored, you've got 10 bucks, and you need something to do. Well, here's a suggestion, how about world conquest! With just 10 bucks you…